When You Need A Blood Transfusion

Perhaps nothing is scarier than learning that you or a loved one is in need of a blood transfusion. You may have many questions and concerns. You have probably heard stories about blood transfusion patients getting tainted or diseased blood. It leaves you to wonder if this is really the right option. However, technology has advanced so much that it is rare that diseases are passed on through transfusions. In fact, all donated blood is screened and filtered before ever going to any patient.

Transfusions are probably more common than you think. In fact, it is estimated that over five million people a year in the United States alone get some form of blood transfusions. There are many reasons why you or a loved one may need to get this vital support. Loss of blood due to surgery or injury is one very common reason. People with leukemia also get regular blood transfusions, as do sickle cell patients. There is no limited to what these blood transfusions can do for a person and if you are ever in the situation of needing blood, then you are glad there are donors out there.

The whole process of a blood transfusion may seem confusing to you, but in fact, it is quite a simple and easy procedure. Hospitals all over the world have access to clean, healthy donated blood and these are stored for use when needed. Blood can be given alone, or as a part such as in a platelet or red blood cell transfusion depending on what the patient needs. When a person needs blood, transfusions are given through an IV line using a needle and a tube. A complete transfusion may take anywhere from two to five hours depending on the severity of the case.

If you go to the hospital and you need blood, you simply cannot get any blood. The blood that is given to you must match. There is a very simple finger prick test that will tell the doctors exactly what kind of blood you need. The donated blood will have to be the same in order for your body to take it effortlessly. Also, it is important to understand that some blood types are more common than others and if you have a less common blood type such as AB negative or even AB positive, then it may be harder to find your blood type in store. The most common blood type is O positive.

If you need an emergency blood transfusion, then most of the time the hospital will use what they have in store. However, it is quite common now for people to donate blood to be used by loved ones or for themselves. For example, if you know that you will have a surgery and there is a chance that you will need blood transfusions, then you can actually donate your own blood prior to the surgery. You can also have friends or family with the same blood type to do the same.

Blood transfusions are very important to the medical world and for millions of people that need them each year.

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