When To Consult A Doctor

Most athletes encounter sports injuries at one time or another, whether they are professional athletes or simply enthusiasts who play sports for fun and exercise. You’re especially likely to encounter sports injuries if you participate in sports that are full-contact, or if you play sports that require a great deal of stamina. This does not mean that other sports are devoid of injuries for participants; you can encounter an injury simply walking down the street. In other words, sports injuries happen in a wide variety of situations.

How do you know when to consult a doctor? There are a few definite signs that should send you to a doctor right away. Any time you can’t stop bleeding, or if a bone is protruding from your skin, you should head to the emergency room right away. If you are having trouble breathing, or if a blow to the head makes you feel confused and disoriented, then you need to see a doctor. Any instance which might result in the loss of a limb or life merits an immediate trip to the hospital.

The majority of sports injuries are nowhere near as dramatic as spurting blood and concussions. In fact, many sports injuries are subtle enough to where you don’t really notice them until a day or so after the injury occurs. You should head to the doctor when a sports injury is unlike one you have ever experienced, and does not seem to be healing on its own. In other words, if you have sprained your ankle before and know how to treat it effectively, then you may be able to avoid a trip to the doctor. If your own methods do not make the injury any better, however, it’s time to make an appointment to see a doctor and have your sports injury evaluated and treated.

Any time you have a concern that a sports injury is more critical than it appears, you should talk to your doctor. Some serious injuries may appear relatively harmless, but are actually quite dire and need treatment. An injured leg, for example, might actually be a hairline fracture which will only get worse if walked on continually without a cast or brace. You may be able to avoid your injury becoming a major problem by simply heading to the doctor when the injury first occurs. It is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your body. You should never feel foolish or feeble for making an appointment to have a sports injury evaluated because you may not be able to tell if it is indeed something serious that needs attention. If you listen to your body and consult a doctor when necessary, you have a much better chance of staying in the game and staying healthy. Don’t avoid doctors when you have a sports injury because that can be a sure-fire way to allow a minor injury to evolve into something that will have a huge effect on your body for the rest of your life.

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