What We Learn Creates Disabilities

What we learn in life can cause learning disabilities to arise, since we all have a unique way of learning. Learning is the process of growing up with knowledge, experience, understanding, and so forth.

When we are growing our we learn that actions speak louder than words. If our examples are telling us to behave one way and they are acting out another way then we have a learning disability in the making. Of course, few of us can observe, listen, hear bad examples, and walk the other direction, but not all of us have this ability to turn the other cheek.

For example, we have world leaders telling us that violence is bad, yet when there is a breakdown in communications then war follows. What example are we setting for our children, much less the adults that have to raise these children, teaching them that violence is wrong?

Recent reports claim that before Bush became the President of the United States that him and his members intentional laid out a plan to invoke war on the Iraq’s and his mission was to take full control over this country.

SO now, we see that our children are learning that control dominates and if they are lacking control the mind will flounder into an unreality world of chaos and confusion.

Claims have also been said that the situation will worsen and it is not because of the so-called interest of the people, rather it is the need to dominate and control and entire world of people. What are our children learning? What are we as adults learning? As you can see, our children are coming up in a world of delusion, illusions, psychotic minds, and so forth.

We can deduce that anyone that engages in war did not take the time to think of the consequences and failed to consider many lives that are at risk of a very bad decision.

Now we have children that can see through this gimmick system of things clearly and then we are telling them that violence is wrong.

How are they going to believe us when we tell them that good deeds bring forth good rewards? Then we have the National Education Association who focuses on two different elements of control before considering the children.

Everyone wants power, control, and the ability to control others, yet our children are forced to act out according to a so-called normal standard. The children are told by actions that if they disobey the golden rules then they will reap the consequences, which surpass the rewards.

We have the old testaments from the teachers that taught us according to their era, which lead us to the new era and new teachers telling us what is right and what is wrong while forcing the children to learn according to a standard.

If you want to understand learning disabilities then you better be prepared to understand history, society, politics, law, religion, power, control, money, education, and the list goes on.

We can never understand an imperfection that was caused by men them self. (Since men rule the world, this is not discrimination, rather a fact).

We all go through changes in life and interpret things differently. While some of us may believe that war is optional, others may feel that war is out of our control.

We learn by observation watching how others behave. This means that if we want to find an answer to fighting learning disabilities we all better come around to a new order of life and act accordingly.

How can we tell our children violence is wrong while the rulers of the world are telling them it is ok to battle when others do not comply with our demands? How can we fight learning disabilities when we are smaller than the ones teaching our children by showing actions are louder than words?

Sure, in one sense, actions do speak louder than words, but in another sense, words can break down the gates of chaos if you only learn how to affectively utilize the words.

This means a clear source of understanding is necessary to stop a war and create a heart filled with knowledge, joy, peace and wisdom.

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