What Is Behind Available Fibromyalgia Treatments

Women, more commonly than men, are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Subsequently, the majority of treatments are undergone by women, even though the drugs and over the counter medicines doctors will engage in an effort to counteract pain and also fatigue are specifically designed for them. The most common form of fibromyalgia treatment offered by physicians is the prescription or over the counter analgesic that is supposed to deal with the most severe episodes of pain. At times, physicians will mix prescription drugs with over the counter drugs to affect the kind of pain relief that allows for fibromyalgia sufferers to have a normal life.

Another common fibromyalgia medicine you are likely to notice in the medicine cabinet of a sufferer is the group of muscle relaxers. There are times when muscles tighten so significantly that not even painkillers could provide the kind of relief that is necessary to walk properly. When combined with painkillers, muscle relaxers provider quite a powerful punch and have the power to help the fibromyalgia patient to relax, rest, and even enjoy a good night’s sleep that might go a long ways to counteracting the bouts of fatigue that are usually also associated with the disease.

Of course, these kinds of drug cocktails carry their own risk factors. Since it is well known that there is no cure for fibromyalgia, patients expect to be using these drugs for a prolonged period of time. This exposes their organs to the ravages of painkillers, most notably the lungs and also the kidneys. These have been named as the most susceptible to the damage, especially if the fibromyalgia enjoys the occasional drink. On the other hand, those with sensitive stomachs may notice that their stomach linings may also pay the price for the frequent ingestion of pain medication. In the most benign cases, it is merely the case of nausea that makes relaxation and even everyday chores difficult.

Patients who understand the risks presented by the long term outlook of fibromyalgia have begun asking for a more naturopathic approach to the illness. Some have switched from a medical doctor to an osteopathic physician in the hopes of finding new treatment options that discover the efficacies behind the fibromyalgia treatments and then help to translate them into a different set of modalities. There are, for example, the combinations of biofeedback, journaling and natural magnesium dietary supplements that may be used to get more in tune with the body and counteract the anticipated fibromyalgia flare ups.

In other cases it is the realization that the majority of painkillers rely heavily on caffeine for their efficacy and it is this substance that causes insomnia in fibromyalgia sufferers, despite the fact that they still feel bodily tired. Add to this the number of other drugs that might be found in the system of a patient – pain pills, muscle relaxers, antidepressants, and then also sleeping pills – it is not at all surprising that newly diagnosed fibromyalgia patients fear the long term health problems that their present prescription drug use will have on them as they age.

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