What Are The Problems That Can Develop During Pregnancy

Practically as soon as you find out you are pregnant your mind wonders over a million problems that can happen to you or to your baby during pregnancy. Your doctor and other medical team can help to put your mind at ease with most of what your mind can think up. There are some problems that may occur that you will have to deal with. Most of the problems of pregnancy are manageable with a treatment plan devised by your doctor, obstetrician or midwife.

Some of the more commonly occurring pregnancy problems are bad breath of pregnancy, skin discoloration (pregnancy mask), stretch marks, hot flashes, acne of pregnancy, discomforts of pregnancy such as back pain and gastric reflux, diabetes of pregnancy, premature labor, hypertension of pregnancy and birth defects that affect the baby’s growth or threatens the life of the baby.

Prenatal visits are designed to monitor your health and the health of your developing baby. The monitoring is done by weight checks, blood and urine lab work, ultrasound examinations, blood pressure monitoring, measuring the height of the uterus, internal examinations and specialized pregnancy testing to check on your health or your baby’s such as stress tests.

Bad breath can happen as a result of pregnancy hormones or not having the time or energy to follow good dental health. If you experience a sudden occurrence of bad breath you should consider if there have been any changes in lifestyle, diet or your health that may contribute to bad breath. If this assessment doesn’t reveal the cause of the bad breath a trip to the dentist may help to reveal the source of the bad breath. Many women complain of a “metal-taste” in their mouth as a sign of early pregnancy.

Something that concerns practically every pregnant woman is the possibility of developing stretch marks. Statistically more than half of all pregnant women develop some stretch marks during pregnancy. Stretch marks are also called “striae gravidarum”. They may vary in color but typically start out light red or pinkish in color if your normal pigment is light and if your regular skin pigment is dark than the stretch marks will start out looking lighter than your normal skin color. Stretch marks fade over time and become silvery in color. Most stretch marks happen in the last trimester of pregnancy when a woman gains most of her pregnancy weight. Stretch marks happen because of rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss. These marks are not painful and will not harm you. Whether or not you get stretch marks and how many you get if you get any depends on how elastic your skin is. Genetic make-up determines how elastic your skin is. If your mom got stretch marks during pregnancy you have a good chance of getting stretch marks too due to heredity.

One thing you can do to affect the stretch mark outcome is to be conservative about how much pregnancy weight you gain. Eat nutritious foods in balanced portions. If you overeat at every meal, snack a lot and drink lots of juice than you will gain a lot of weight and run a higher risk of getting stretch marks. The better nourished your body is the better able the skin will be able to stretch. The better hydrated (the more water you drink) the better able your skin will stretch.

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