Using The Journaling Method To Prevent Fibromyalgia Flare Ups

Incurable and chronic, fibromyalgia also is not progressive. Thus, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is more of less a determination of a new stage in life, and one with which the patient must learn to live. Initially, many patients fear the disease; in part this is done because of the anecdotal stories told by others who may have known of sufferers or simply recount their experiences with the illness. Eventually, patients with fibromyalgia recognize that they are as individual as their disease. There is no guaranteed way of living with fibromyalgia, and as much as patients would like to pigeonhole the various symptoms and also devise a certain cookie cutter way of dealing with flare ups, this is simply not possible.

Journaling has been found to be the most personal and also effective way of learning about fibromyalgia flare ups. Patients are urged to keep a daily journal and record each twinge and bit of pain they experience. This is then marked down with a time of day, activities immediately preceding the pain experience, and also the people involved in any interactions. Mind you, this kind of approach cannot actually help patients to deal with the pain, but it serves to recognize potential trigger factors, trigger events, and even trigger people.

Perhaps the biggest surprise first time fibromyalgia patients experience is the fact that people can be triggers of flare ups just as much as the likelihood of incurring stress. Sometimes they are not surprised at the people that seem to show up just before a painful fibromyalgia flare up, while at other times they are somewhat alarmed that it is a loved whom or a good friend who seems to so consistently be associated with fibromyalgia pain. In the case of the not so loved people, patients see their journaling efforts as somewhat of a permission to greatly curtail interactions, and in some cases to even end relationships and friendships. In the case of loved ones, however, patients with fibromyalgia must consider which portion of their interaction gives rise to the negative feelings that result in the flare up.

Sometimes it may be something as simple as unmet expectations the patient with fibromyalgia projects onto their loved one, even if they do not actually verbalize any such problems. Journaling, in this case, helps to not only identify triggers for fibromyalgia, bit it can also serve as a means of healing interpersonal relationships. Of course, the primary reason for any kind of journaling is the idea of identifying the way the patient’s body works, and how to optimize its inner workings with the help of nourishment, sleep, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and of course overall expectations.

Another sometimes surprising result of journaling is the realization that weather patterns are having a huge influence on the patient. It is possible for fibromyalgia to experience significant flare ups in damp weather, during cooling spells, and also during certain seasons. This has inspired a good many patients to move to Arizona, where there are the fewest weather changes, and avoid at least one set of trigger events.

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