Use It Or Lose It A Good Heart Motto

The very thing that keeps you alive is one of the things you rarely think about. It is your heart. From the moment you are born, it beats to keep you alive and works tirelessly all your life. Your heart is the most important organ of your body because without it working properly, you would not be alive. So why is this most important body organ taken for granted and neglected with poor lifestyle choices? It’s time to shake yourself out of complacency and decide how to properly condition your heart before it is too late.

Get it pumping

The heart is just like any other muscle in your body – it must be conditioned and worked to become stronger. Just like you lift weights so your muscles in your arms can become stronger and lift heavier objects, your heart must be constantly challenged so that it will be stronger and become more efficient.

Aerobic exercise is important as it exercises your cardiovascular system, including your heart as well as other parts of the body. The use of your large muscle groups is important as the efforts to build those muscles feeds into the efforts of maintaining a strong beating heart. Anything that promotes increased blood flow to the muscles and better oxygenation is good. Jogging, walking, skiing, skating, stair climbing, bicycling and even dancing are some great ideas for exercise.

Your heart in review

When you exercise, your muscles require larger amounts of oxygen and other nutrients than normal in order to maintain your efforts. Your lungs produce the oxygen which your blood carries to the heart; and from there, the heart pumps the oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. Without your beating heart, everything is, well, dead in the water so to speak. When your physical exertion increases, so does the demand from your muscles for oxygen. This means your heart beats faster to accommodate the need. This exercise is essential for the heart to maintain its strength.

Mix it up

Aerobic exercise is great for the heart but your body needs more than that. Introduce strength and resistance training to your exercise repertoire. These will help you keep flexibility in the body and promote stronger muscles so that you are capable of more physical activity and strength. Conditioning the entire body means you have more stamina and can perform tasks for a longer period of time.

Good nutritional choices also play a part in keeping the heart in good condition. Bad food choices coupled with good exercise habits can degrade the results from the exercise. However, good food choices serve to enhance your physical efforts. You might say that proper nutrition and physical fitness go hand in hand.

The bottom line is that you have a heart – use it or lose it. Lead a sedentary lifestyle and you will realize a shorter lifespan and the inability to do a number of physical activities. Stay active and exercise and you will live longer, stay healthier and be able to keep up with the grandkids!

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