Understanding Learning Disabilities And Adhd

Understanding learning disabilities and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) or ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder can help parents to cope with children in despair. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder disables a child’s ability to pay attention, and can cause him or her to act out inappropriately for no apparent reason.

The hyperactive means that the child is more active than normal, which creates a sense of boredom for the child. For example, a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder may work a task, but it is limited in the time that he or she is interested.

In other words, the child may become bored a few minutes into a single project and this continues throughout the day. The key then is helping the child to focus and find what interests him or her to promote stability.

If a child is allowed to jump from task to task (including play), he or she will not grasp the meaning of responsibility. This means we must learn how to cope and understand impulsive behaviors, since this is what causes the child to act out inappropriately in most instances.

The adrenaline is often higher than normal which the hormones known as C9-C13 and C3 is often responsible for this sympathomimetic reaction, since the nerves are touched hitting the physiologic makeup of the individual.

This can lead to learning disabilities, however, other areas must be considered before we can determine the cause of such disability. For example, we can look at Special Education and how it plays a part in learning disabilities.

Educational programs will often hinder a child in that they (force the child so to speak) to maintain a level of learning regardless if the child is above or below the level. For example, a child may have knowledge of a subject and can zoom through the project (fractions for example) without a problem, but a teacher might tell him or her that they must learn fractions starting at the beginning, since the child is not learning the techniques demanded by the department of education.

Now we see that this can hinder a child, since if a child has a basic understanding and is accurate with answering the problems, why should he or she repeat and recite consistently without moving ahead.

I’ve seen this happen too many times in school. In fact, when I was in elementary I participated in speech therapy, which hindered my ability to perceive in accordance to educational standards. Thus, I was assumed as a person with a learning disability and so I reacted with consumed frustration.

For years, I thought that my speech and deciphering communication was not fluent, regardless of the people that told me it was. When I attended college, (English Classes) I went through chaos since the instructors did not understand me now. It turned out that I was taking to the Board of Education simply because I was above the class that I attended.

In other words, I was moving backwards and not forwards. When I had the blessing to work with my publisher however I addressed the issue again. I felt like a failure when she asked me to edit books for her.

Now she was an English instructor at a local college in Texas, and I assumed I had some learning to do.

However, you blessed me when she said girl stop fretting. You are great, she said and finished by telling me that most colleges are behind schedule and my abilities and understanding surpassed most instructors’ ability to teach.

In other words, she told me, my English was superb and this is when I realized the English derived from the British and that maybe the United States of America needs to redirect their educational programs to minimize children or adults with learning disabilities.

To frost the cake when attending Speech classes I maxed out of the class with top scores and learned that dialect plays a part in learning disabilities.

As you can see we have a lot to learn, however it is how we learn that makes us all individuals in society. If we are teaching an eighth grader to learn on a fifth grade level, how do we prevent learning disabilities and ADHD/ADD?

How can we torture the mind for years and expect nothing to become of it?

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