Total Body Fat And Belly Fat

Unfortunately, mention loosing belly fat in most circles and people will look at your entire body to judge you. They will judge your health risk, your size and everything based on your total body and that just isn’t right. Take a look at football players, especially the linemen. They are big, strong and often filled with belly fat. This is because some of the foods they are eating to build size only build size in the belly. Their arms and legs are in good overall shape, but their belly fat is a time bomb waiting to go off. Consider that most players retire from football somewhere between thirty-five and forty, that fat belly usually isn’t even worked on anymore after that.

To understand the entire difference, you have to look at locations. Body fat is usually found just under the skin. It is called subcutaneous fat and it centers on hips, thighs and arms. On the other hand, belly fat is in the midsection of the body and that fat is not always “just under the skin”. It can be deep in the abdomen. This belly fat causes far more health issues than the fat on the arms. Belly fat is contributed to diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, high triglycerides, and increase of heart attacks and strokes. Try as you want to, that isn’t coming out of the arms, hips, and thighs, it is coming right out of the belly.

This belly fat, or visceral fat as the medical term is, build up around organs and produces the apple shaped body. Unfortunately, while it builds up around organs, it has a particular nasty affect on the liver that leads to many of the before mentioned risk.

Although there are several methods to attack the belly fat, the overall goal is to be healthier than you currently are. Research is showing that aerobic exercise and weight training is one of the fastest ways to weight loss. More importantly, this exercise and weight training will also target that belly fat faster. Physicians recommend for the best results the aerobic exercise should be for at least thirty minutes on the majority of the days in a week. The weight training should be two to three times a week for about thirty minutes. The result will be a thinner waist, better health and a loss of not only the deadly belly fat, but the overall body fat as well. You may event see those fat arms and thighs turn into muscle in the end.

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