Think Yourself Thin

This one’s a real brainwork. Put those gray cells to use and start thinking you are thin already. A psychological study has revealed you tend to loose half of the intended weight by just developing a positive attitude towards your body. It has been found that in thinking you are thin a dieter avoids going into a complete famine mode and hence saves himself the risk of slowed down metabolism. Because people who constantly keep cribbing that they are fat, go in depression and eventually go off food consumption, which hampers their body fat level and metabolic activities drastically. They devoid themselves of nutrition and reduce for time being, but when the body can take no more of the famine situation they have to start consuming and that’s when the lost calories jump back instantly to refuel the fat percentage incase of a probable future shortage of food. This brings them back to pavilion where it all began. So, what did they gain except a few more kilos, which is exactly opposite of what they intended to do.

The warning

For the umpteenth time folks, avoid going for the crash courses in loosing weight. Keep in mind it is a slow and steady process, which if followed as it is will more benefits than you ever imagined. Firstly, watch your eating habits. Observe the stuff you consume and your timings. If you eat anything more or less than four to five times of small amounts of meal in a day, then you need to check it. Connoisseurs who gobble all the fried and oily foods available would have to keep a heavy heart and deny themselves the pleasure of these oily friends for a while. Once you have lost the desired amount of pounds, you can start eating them again, but in restrictive amounts. Remember if you indulge in your earlier eating pattern again you will head for trouble. Commence eating less in such a way that over a period of time it becomes your habit just as eating humongous amounts once was. And why you had the custom of eating large quantity earlier was because of some of the reasons people generally associate with food. Such as when you get depressed a bar of chocolate or cake makes you feel good, you mom loves you and hence feeds you all the sweets to show her affection, these and many more connotations develop into the destructive norm. So, beware and be alert.

4. Turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Just the thought of your body converted into a fat burning machine instead of a fat storing one, gives immense relief. Everyone practically lives only dreaming it, but some go-getters actually have it in them, to turn this fantasy into a virtual reality. Now, you must be thinking that those who do get success in transforming their body into a fat burning furnace must be real extraordinary people. Guess again, they are as normal and as ordinary as you. The only fact different in them is their will to get it done. The utter determination and focused concentration will lead to the very path you’ve been looking at from afar but never treaded. Understand the works and see for yourself how you were making a big deal out of nothing and very much achievable.

Understanding the situation

The prime step towards burning fat is to recognize that what you eat gets converted to sugar by your body. This sugar is released as insulin when you need to use it in form of energy. But eventually it happens so that your cells in the body start to get insensitive to such a load of insulin making the body release more insulin than required and this in turn results in signaling your body to store sugar in form of fat. Thus, the system starts taking you for a hibernating bear going to deprive nutrition for a long time and so keep hangings on to the fat. This leads to the all time problems like cholesterol initiating heart problem and blood pressure due to salt retention. The best way to avoid this dilemma is to start getting conscious of what you eat. Make sure even if you snack on calorie stuff like pastries and chocolates, eat fibers to cut the calories. After a meal in a restaurant have a glass of limewater, this helps de-toxicating the acids and makes the digestion process faster so the calories burn fast. Instead of not eating, watching what you eat and controlling the intake size will help much more in making your body burn fat faster. Make it a habit to take a walk before and after you eat. Take the lead and head for a healthier lifestyle.

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