The Terrific and the Horrific Side of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

The bigger the breasts, the prettier and sexier women will be. And with cosmetic breast surgery now affordable, it seems that the rage will continue on for years to come.

Cosmetic breast surgery is one of the most sought after especially with women. The number of those going through this operation is increasing every year. In the past, it would mean injecting fatty tissues inside the breasts so they will become larger. Today cosmetic surgery is made even better and painless with the use of modern equipments and tools.

There are liquid and silicon implants. With the procedure not as painful as before, it is no wonder women can easily made up their mind about having the kind of breasts they always wanted.

Although it appears to be a safe procedure, you need to be wary of what might happen in case you plan on getting one. You need to look at it from both sides. In this case, it would be the good side and the bad side of cosmetic breast surgery.

What are some of the advantages of cosmetic breast surgery?

Boosts self esteem and adds confidence.

Women have the notion that having large breasts will; make them more desirable to the opposite sex. With media always showing off “boobsy” women, it is not surprising that there will appear an inkling for men to fantasize about these types of women.

Most women are aware of this fact. That is why they try everything, from push up bras to padded ones, just to add volume to their normal sized breasts. When this does not work, they resort to cosmetic surgery to have that lasting effect.

The low self esteem that they had before are now boosted to the point that they can now wear dresses they do not wear back then. They are also able to socialize more with the opposite sex because they are confident that they have an asset to show off.

Breast augmentation can be great for your self esteem. However complications can get you down. If you’ve had a bad experience with cosmetic surgery you should be able to claim medical negligence compensation.

With their new breasts, they are not anymore envious of other women. They are confident that they can compete with any fashion model or actress that men are having dreams about.

Now, what are some of the bad sides of cosmetic surgery?

Surgery gone bad.

There are cases wherein side effects are experienced after the cosmetic breast surgery. Patients have been known to suffer infections, scarring and hardening of the affected area.

In some cases, the blame may be put on the surgeon performing the procedure. There are doctors who have been known to practice medicine badly which result to an unsuccessful surgery.

Other cases can be blamed on the patients themselves. Not all procedure can give the same result. Oftentimes, these women get so hooked into having one without even listening to what their doctors have to say. In the end, when something goes bad, they blame the very same doctor who has warned them in the initial consultation.

Emotional side effects.

The physical side effects are nothing compared to the emotional torture that might incur when you do not achieve what you want.

Instead of feeling pretty and confident, your self esteem can go down its lowest, more than tripled the feelings you felt before. Because in this case, the damage has already been done.

Think long and hard before you go through a cosmetic breast surgery procedure. Ask yourself; do you really need one?

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