Tai Chi Burn Calories

People often say that they have gained extra calories and they want to lose it at any cost and they also try to lose it with hell lot of means but most of the times they fail. It is either the exercise they are doing is not helping them or they have given up. But one of the most effective means of burning calories can be learning Tai Chi. It is an art and the main point in learning this art is that the person learning it doesn’t get tired rather he gets rejuvenated and feel good. Moreover he doesn’t do it just for the sake of burning calories but enjoys learning this art and simultaneously burning calories.

Tai Chi – The Art

Tai chi in its most basic form is a Chinese exercise of attack and defense. As an exercise it is designed to provide relaxation in the process of body conditioning. It employs flowing, deliberate movements with carefully prescribed stances and positions.

Thus when a person does all this movements, there is an overall exercise of the complete body which helps in burning calories. Actually the movements are so designed that it generates energy and power in the person practicing it. So the person doing it doesn’t feel tired at all and also doesn’t get bored of it. Moreover when he does this exercise heat is generated and the heat so generated burns down the calories. It also increases the blood circulation so that the person feels rejuvenated. An added advantage to this art is that as the stances leads to certain type of body conditioning so it can lead to burn extra calories in certain targeted parts of the body.


Tai Chi is a very old art and has proved to be effective over the times. Also it is extremely reliable and doesn’t have any of the side effects of hardcore exercises. So through Tai Chi we’ll not only burn calories but also learn an art which will help us in keeping ourselves fit. So why not adhere to natural ways of burning calories rather than using drugs and other artificial means.

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