Some Types Of Arthritis Are More Painful Than Others

Arthritis can be very painful, but some types of arthritis are more painful than others. Most types of arthritis come from a specific source. Some types of arthritis come from swelling of the joints such as the knees. As a matter of fact, the knees and the hands are the most common areas affected by arthritis. Other arthritis pain comes from fatigue, inflammation of the membrane around the joints, tendons and ligaments. People suffer most when they have two or more types of arthritis. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis which affects millions of American people. This arthritis can be very painful for all of these people. The second most common type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, and this is the most debilitating and painful of all arthritis pain. This pain from both of these types of arthritis can be very intense and sometimes difficult to alleviate. The physicians who try to treat patients suffering from arthritis pain try to find out what types of arthritis affect each patient. This information can help them prescribe the proper pain therapy.

Some Types of Arthritis Are Treated with Different Remedies

Doctors work with their patients to try and find out about the type of the disease that they have so they can prescribe the perfect painkiller. There are many different remedies available, but some are better than others depending on the affliction. The pain of arthritis can be mild and annoying or intense and debilitating. Those with slight pain might just take an over the counter painkiller such as Tylenol. They might just take this when the pain is too annoying.

The pain might be very intense so the doctor wants to get just the right prescription. The doctor might prescribe cortisone injections into the affected joints for intense pain. Other doctors would prescribe a strong narcotic drug to alleviate the pain. There are also pain management clinics for those who have trouble finding the right remedy. These clinics have staff who specialize only in managing pain. These experts often explain that they intend to manage the pain rather than cure it. The testing and examinations at these pain clinics work to find the perfect relief. They do not want the patient so drugged they cannot move. The methods and remedies constantly improve so those suffering with arthritis should be pleased with the advances.

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