Schizophrenia And Learning Disabilities

How do we as parents or teachers learn to teach a child with schizophrenia and learning disabilities?

When a person has schizophrenia it is often difficult to teach this person, since there mind is in a psychotic state. Schizophrenic minds have their own set of beliefs and when cross that line they will make up their own set of rules and laws. If you cross over the belief of a paranoid schizophrenia, you are putting yourself in danger in some instances.

Schizophrenias hear voices outside the head that tell them you are out to get me. The little voices may convince the person that his or her life is in danger. Since, paranoid schizophrenias have Grandiosity Personality; the person instead of curling up in a corner might act on his thinking and prepare to fight. In some instances, schizophrenias have killed, believing that someone was out to get them.

Now, how can we teach these types of individuals, since obviously they have a real learning disability? Schizophrenias by no means are stupid, since when they are not hallucinating they are extremely aware.

When a schizophrenia outbreak occurs, you can look dead into his or her eyes and see what appears to be evil. In fact, this is evil in the form of illusion, since the person has no ability to learn at this time and his mind belongs to the voices and illusions within. One of the most devastating and complete mental disease of all times, has left experts in a world of delusion.

Recently, new medications are claimed to reduce the outbreaks of psychotic breaks. The problem with teaching these types of persons is that most times, they are right and you are wrong. Some schizophrenia minds view people as enemies and they create a master plan to destroy when a threat presents itself.

An example can be seen when we consider the Oklahoma Bomber, who was diagnosed schizophrenia. What a deadly disease, yet at the same time other schizophrenias had moved on in life. The problem is learning is limited, since most schizophrenia will frequent institutions.

Another problem we have with teaching schizophrenia minds, is when they are not in psychotic mode they can fool a lying detector machine in to believing they are normal. This poses a serious threat to scientists that are constantly seeking answers to help schizophrenias learn and understand the disease.

Since, schizophrenia has been linked to faultiness in the Twins of the brain, it is has been titled a disease of the mind. In my past, I have endured the trials and tribulations of a paranoid schizophrenia on more occasions than I cared to. I noticed symptoms that were real, and learning disabilities that were taunting. The symptoms alone were enough to frighten anyone that has spent longer than one hour in a closes room with these individuals.

When schizophrenia is in symptom mode, you can produce more results by pulling horns off a bull’s head, than teaching this psychotic mind. Other than medications, this is the only known mental disease with learning disability that will not work if medications do not exist.

Psychopathy individuals will rebel against medications, and often it will produce extreme dangerous levels in the person if the wrong medicine is prescribed.

After studying both schizophrenia with learning disabilities and Psychopathy with the ability to learn beyond the normal capacity, my choice would lean against the latter if I had to study again. Although, medicated schizophrenias have proven successful to a degree, it has been proven that the degree flounders back and forth.

It depends on the type of schizophrenia, but paranoid schizophrenias are the most complicated persons to teach and help learn.

Some researchers believe that a person can have schizophrenia without learning disabilities, this may be true for some types of schizophrenia, but I refuse to believe that paranoid types do not have learning disabilities.

Sometimes, I laugh at the many explanations that so-called experts provide us. You can never understand anyone diagnose or its symptoms, including learning disability until you have experienced countless of episodes, involving the dangerous minds. So again, how can we teach the paranoid schizophrenic minds?

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  1. Christina says:

    I feel like you are stereotyping schizophrenics. I have this illness and I’ve never attempted to kill ANYONE. I’m not evil, and I am sane most of the time. I’m not in a psychotic state of mind unless I’ve been off my medication for some time. Articles like this is why everyone shuns away from and is afraid of schizophrenics. Maybe you should study a little more about this illness before making us look like we aren’t human beings.

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