People suffering from extra calories often don’t prefer to do any sort of exercise because it is the only reason why they have gained extra calories and thus they are suffering. So advising them to take a walk or to do some exercise won’t help because they won’t prefer to do it. Even if they start doing they won’t be able to carry it for long. So now there is a very beautiful solution where you can burn calories just by sitting in a room. Well not a normal room, it’s a specialized room called as Sauna also commonly known as Sweathouse.

How does it work?

A Sauna is a small room or house designed as a place to experience dry or wet heat sessions. A sauna session is usually a social affair in which the participants disrobe and sit or recline in temperatures of over 80 degrees centigrade (176 degree Fahrenheit). This induces relaxation and promotes sweating.

Studies and researches have shown that there are fat-stored (lipophilic) toxins present in our body. And when the body is not able to excrete them, then these toxins get stored in the body thereby increasing the calories level in our body. So sauna provides a very good solution to this problem. The specialty of Sauna is that it generates a lot of heat and promotes sweating. Now sweating helps detoxify your body thereby removing the extra accumulate fats and consequently burning the calories. Also it is effective because body fat becomes water soluble at 43 degree centigrade and Sauna operates at 80 degrees. So the accumulated fats in our body first get melted and then it gets excreted through perspiration thus consequently helping us in burning calories without doing any workout. Studies have shown that a 30 minutes sauna creates approximately the same amount of perspiration as a 10 kilometer run. So from here we can make out the amount of workout we are doing just by sitting and relaxing.

Sauna really helps in burning down the extra calories which you have gained. So why unnecessarily take the pain of heavy exercises or workouts when we can get the same benefit just by relaxing in a small room.

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