Respite Care In The Form Of Adult Day Care Centers

Adult Day Care Centers is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and all over the world for that matter. Adult day care centers give short-term and long-term care and assistance to elderly individuals who are in need of the services they provide.

The goal of adult day care centers is to provide a daily respite for those who are the primary caregivers of the elderly. While the elderly individual is receiving respite care in the adult day care center the primary caregiver is either at work, or running errands that they otherwise would not be able to do, they may also be taking a much needed break.

If not for the present day adult day care centers many of those who receive service would have to be institutionalized.

The respite movement is growing with over 3,500 adult day care centers throughout the United States.

There are two distinct categories for adult day care centers. One of the categories is the Social Care category and is perfect for those seniors who need to be able to socialize with peers, participate in activities such as arts and crafts, music programs, and to receive gentle exercises, and to be able to participate in games or other mentally challenging activities. The Social Care category of adult day centers is just right for the elderly individual who needs the social activities and also the supervision or little bit of medical assistance that can be obtained from these types of adult day care centers.

Another category of adult day care center is the Health Care category and these centers are more focused on helping elderly individuals who need respite care and have severe medical problems, or those that might require nursing home care. They may specialize in dementia patients such as those with Alzheimer’s or other related dementia. Staff is trained to work with these special challenges.

Whether for social or medical challenges both adult day centers service a vital role in the life of those who need care to stay at home. They benefit both the primary caregiver and the elderly by providing the needed respite care. The elderly individual does need to be mobile to take advantage of the adult day care centers.

The adult day care centers service the families that use them and they also serve the communities that they are located in.

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