Ready To Learn With Adhd

When a person has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), he or she has to be willing to learn. Since this particular diagnose has impairments that hinder learning the person needs special attention to move ahead. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders is an Auditory Processing dysfunction that affects the brain, eyes, ears, and so forth.

Often a person with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder has hand and eye coordination disabilities. When the eye is impaired, it will create difficulty in learning. The eyes ironically help us to interpret meaning by observation.

When our ability to observe is hindered, the eye will see things in different light. In other words, when one person sees a meaning clearly and another person does not the eye may be responsible. This is not always true, but in some cases, yes this is the problem.

Since, persons with ADHD have hearing disabilities we can deduce that this presents a problem. If a person has difficulty hearing how can he or she relate to learning correctly? Hearing problems extend further than the inability to hear.

When a person has a hearing impairment, the auditory nerve ending is often interrupted. When the auditory nerve ending is affected, it disables the brain from send out sound waves to the part of the brain that produces interpretation abilities, thus affecting speech. As we can see, hearing and seeing play a large part in learning.

When a person has eye and hearing disabilities, we know that we must find a way to help teach these children differently than normal. Recently, more schools are relying on the Internet to produce learning techniques, helping the individuals’ with eye and hearing disabilities learn. Yet, we still must consider other details when it comes to learning disabilities.

Coordination is essential for learning with ease. When a person has hand and eye coordination impairments it is often a struggle to interpret. Coordination provides us balance and when that balance is interrupted, we often struggle to learn.

We can also consider hyperactivity in Attention Deficit Hyperactive patients, since it too hinders a child from learning. Hyperactivity is the process of acting out excessively or pathologically. In other words, it is a disease of the mind that refuses to rest. This often presents another problem, since people with Hyperactivity Disorders rarely get proper rest.

We can see that this poses high potentials of learning disabilities, since rest is important to learn. Often people with Attention Deficit Disorders have difficulty paying attention. When the mind is consumed then it makes it harder to understand meanings. Attention Deficit Disorder patients often have short tension spans.

In other words, the mind and body is being stretched beyond its limit to cope with stress. This presents a serious problem, since the mind and body is often tired but still moving. When the body and mind is stressed above its limit, the mind will often be in a tug-a-war.

Now you can see that learning disability falls into place, because these people have difficulty time focusing. When a person is off balance, rather incapable of focusing for a length of time, it poses a difficulty in learning. Unfortunately, the people that suffer with Attention Deficit Disorders may resort to drugs, alcohol and crime.

The Department of Education and Mental Health is yet to find a solution to help these people cope. This presents another problem, since no answers are actually available to help these people survive on their level of learning. Attention Deficit Disorder individuals often struggle to understand a single meaning let alone a million meanings.

What does it take to survive in a world that is constantly pressuring us to move ahead? No one area of expertise can offer us the money it will take to survive a game of chance; therefore, we must learn that individuality is above money.

Persons with Attention Deficit Disorders often lose their individuality along the path of their disease. Why was I born this way? What did my parents do to make me like this? Attention Deficit Disorders are a disease of the mind and no single cause alone has been proven to link anyone thing to ADHD.

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