Reactive Arthritis Is An Intensely Painful Condition

Reactive arthritis affects a person in three ways that causes intense pain and suffering. Reactive arthritis inflames the joints and the eyes. This terrible affliction also affects the genitals, the gastrointestinal system and the urinary system. Reactive arthritis seems to be caused by problems with the immune system of the person afflicted. The experts who have studied the disease believe that this disease is a reaction to exposure to certain bacteria. The reaction to the bacteria seems to cause an inflammation of the joints and the eyes. The arthritis appears after the infection has left the system of the person afflicted.

Reactive arthritis is sometimes called Reiter’s syndrome after a Nazi doctor. Reactive arthritis is different from other forms of the disease in that it afflicts people under the age of forty. There is a strong correlation with other infections and reactive arthritis. Other types of arthritis are more common in older people. The form of reactive arthritis that affects the genitals is usually found in males. Another form of the disease that appears after an infection of dysentery occurs in both men and women.

Reactive Arthritis Can Move to other Organs

One of the most ominous factors of reactive arthritis is the chance that it will move through the system to other organs including the lungs, heart, kidneys, mouth, skin, and others. The symptoms of this type of arthritis have some similarities with other types of arthritis. These include swelling of the joints, but one side of the body is affected more than the other side of the body. The whites of the eyes and the iris appear inflamed in someone with this type of arthritis. Although the eyes appeared to be irritated, the patient may not feel any pain in the eye.

Reactive arthritis is not diagnosed at first with any test, but the diagnosis must be made by the analysis of the attending physician. Later in the course of the disease, there can be confirmation with some x-rays. This disease is often treated with anti-inflammatory drugs including aspirin. The drugs might have some side effects on the stomach so it is important that the physician monitor the patient carefully. Other stronger drugs including steroids might be prescribed for patients if warranted. Some infected with HIV have been diagnosed with reactive arthritis as well. Medical professionals continue to work to relieve people affected by this painful condition.

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