Playing Soccer

Obesity is a curse as it takes great amount of toll on the human body. Obesity can lead to many fatal diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and can even cause heart attack. The main cause of obesity is cited as the extra amount of calories in the body. This extra amount of calories is gained mainly through erratic eating habits and an inactive lifestyle. Due to the availability of various gadgets that can take care of our regular physically demanding works man has become idle. It has made man physically inactive and moreover helped him to gain those extra pounds to the length of making him unhealthy. It is very necessary to burn those extra calories and to serve the purpose inclusion of sports in our daily life is very necessary. Outdoor sports demand huge amount of physical movement, which in turn ensures burning of the extra calories. Soccer is one such outdoor sport, which is physically very demanding and a very useful one to keep a person healthy.

Soccer as a sport to burn calories

Soccer is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world. It is basically a team game and involves 22 players, where each side fields 11 players. Here putting the ball into the goal post of the opponent team scores points. Thus it involves huge amount of running that is from one’s own goal post to the opponent’s goal post. Soccer involves the exercise of all the muscles of the body. In this sport a player has to push against the player of the opponent team. This helps immensely in building up of muscles and working out of the upper body. And the sprinting involved in the game ensures the cardio vascular exercises, which are very effective exercises to loose those extra calories. Soccer as a sport is also not very demanding in terms of the equipments, as it requires only a ball to play with. Being a team game it also helps in promoting camaraderie among people.

Calories burnt while playing soccer

Since soccer involves huge amount of running thus it produces heat. The body heat generated during the game is the cause of burning the calories. A regular game of soccer running over a time span of one and half hour burns 509 to 709 calories in total in a normal human being.

Thus soccer as a sport can be included in one’s regular routine so as to ensure healthy body and a stress free mind.

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