Oral Herpes

Herpes is one of most commonly found sexually transmitted disease. There are two viruses HSV-1 and HSV-2 responsible for spreading this disease among human beings. Herpes simplex virus type one is responsible for cold sores usually found around the mouth region.hsv-1 virus causes oral herpes. It has been found that if the person is attacked by hsv-2 virus first and hsv-1 virus doesn’t affect the body. Genital area is also effected by hsv-1 virus but hsv-2 virus is the causing agent for genital herpes.

Oral herpes is the result of hsv-1 virus which results in ulcers on the tongue, lips, throat, mouth and sometimes even fever, headache, fatigue and sour throat. Blisters are also seen on the infected areas. When the initial infection occurs, the herpes virus gets a place in the nerve cell. Reactivation of virus may occur with a burning and tingling sensation which may result in sore and blister. This can be even seen as a lesion on ones lips due to hormonal changes, fatigue, stress, menstrual cycle. In some people infection can occur periodically and in some people virus is dormant and rarely cause symptoms for oral herpes. Some people do not show symptoms but carry the virus and others have symptoms.

Oral herpes has been seen in children and 90% of them have been exposed to virus. The various mode of virus spread are kissing, skin to skin contact, sexual contact. People even shed the virus without having any symptoms.

It’s sound strange saying that there is no cure for HSV-1, but strangely people who contact the disease or sores recover without any medication within 10-15 days. This recovery even depends on the immunity of the system which gets weaken due to other serious disease like AIDS and cancer. As in the later stage the pain also increases, doctors suggest pain killers to relieve the pain. To avoid itching cream and ointments are applied. Doctors must be consulted for the best treatment.

Oral herpes mainly affects the mouth and face. The HSV-1 virus or the herpes simplex is the main cause of oral herpes. The cases of oral herpes due to HSV-2 are also on the rise. It is difficult to find symptoms for herpes, and even if symptoms appear, they can be medicated within 2-3 weeks. If symptoms are seen they range from painful ulcers, canker sores, sore throat, and fever. Difficulty in swallowing is also seen. Oral herpes is easily visible, can’t be hidden. It acts as an embarrassment.

HSV-1 infection may re-occur more frequently than HSV-2 infection.

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  1. Jodie says:

    how do you know if someone has oral herpes? can you look on the insides of their lips and their tongue and their cheeks?

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