No Health Benefits for Estrogen Pill

In the year 2003, the National Institute of Health was encouraged to stop their estrogen study because of the increase on the number of patients affected by strokes. This part of the anti estrogen news explains that there are really no health benefits in taking estrogen pills and that the health threats undoubtedly frustrate any menopause benefit of estrogen.

There were two top newspapers, which presented articles about this study. The articles were based on an incomplete report given by the NIH. The report was in a preface that it did not presented concrete information about the estrogen study. The report suggested that there is a great stroke risk in taking estrogen-only pills.

On the other hand, a complete report was served which included the results of the conducted study which talked about the drawbacks of estrogen on the proper performance of the mind. For that matter, clinical practitioners were alarmed and advised their patients who use estrogen pills to protect their health. The users were even recommended to use a natural, bio-identical estrogen.

A large number of women stopped taking estrogen pills after they have heard the initial report of the National Institute of Health that showed the serious danger of the estrogen pills. However, there are still some women, which are continuously using the pill. Why is it?

Most women still use estrogen pills perhaps:

* Have not heard anything about the life-threatening danger it could give.

These women have no idea of what is happening around them. Perhaps, she did not even know that such report exists.

* Simply do not care at all.

This may be the same as the first situation. Otherwise, a woman already knows about the health risk of the estrogen but is still not bothered about it. What they want is to get rid of the menopause symptoms immediately even if it will give her in return unbearable diseases.

* Do not know that there are also effective but safe ways to remove hot flashes and other menopause symptoms without the need to use the estrogen pills.

This is a common situation. As mentioned on the second, women always wanted to have an immediate relief of what they feel – may it give hundred of benefits or thousand of drawbacks.

Most women are concerned about the released studies of the NIH. Some may have stopped using the pill, but are expected to experience the return of the menopause symptoms. While others, continue using it because they do not know how to adjust from using an estrogen pill to the natural therapy or simply do not know about other safe treatments.

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