Medical Radiograohy

The medical radiography, which is a technique of producing the images of the internal parts in the body with the help of the X-rays, involves the most common tests that are conducted for investigating the internal state of the patient.

After the invention of X-rays in the 1985 by Professor Roentgen, they came to be used for various industrial and non-industrial purposes. In the medical field, too they came to be used within a short time after their invention. Their medical application is also called as diagnostic radiography or medical radiography.

The X-rays can pass the lesser dense materials however their passivity decreases with the density. As the human body comprises of different regions that have different densities, these regions affect or absorb, the X-rays passing through them, differently. Because of this, when the X-rays emerging from the body are detected and analyzed they depict the pattern that corresponds to the internal structure of the body. If any illnesses occur in the body they may produce some abnormalities giving rise to some difference in the density pattern in that body part. In this case, it becomes possible to detect them by analyzing the radiograph.

The medical radiography is further classified in to various types. These types include the projection radiography, fluoroscopy, dual energy X-rays absorptiometry, and computed tomography. In addition to this, they are also further classified according to their applications. Besides these methods, the other tests such as nuclear medicines, medical ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are also associated with the medical radiography.

The materials and equipments used for the medical radiography include a suitable source of X-rays as X-rays tubes, and detectors. The most common detectors that are used for the detection of the X-rays are the photographic plates or films. In addition to these, some advanced methods as the use of photosensitive diodes are also used in some cases.

The applications of medical radiography- The medical radiography is applied for the diagnosis of a number of things. It is used in the diagnosis of fractures and deformities in the bones. Medical radiography is used in the diagnosis of the cancers, tumors and other abnormalities, which cause changes in the density composition of the tissues. It can also used to detect foreign bodies in the body, however; they have to be of a detectable size.

The advantages of medical radiography- This technique is very fast and it has a good accuracy. In addition to this in some cases, this is the only reliable method for the diagnosis. Lastly, it is cheaper and requires limited apparatus, and therefore facilities for the medical radiography are available in most of the towns.

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