Low Thyroid And Dry Eyes

Low thyroid results in dry eye. In this type of disease, the eye area experiences inflammation which causes swelling of the eyelids, eye muscle and socket. This condition is also called thyroid eye disease because it is related to the problems of the thyroid hormone. This is a common problem wherein your body either makes too much or too less of the thyroid hormone.

Occurrence: The exact cause is unknown. It is assumed to be caused by the immune system of the body which causes irritation around the eye area. It is associated with the increased or decreased levels of the thyroid hormone in the body.

Symptoms of the eye disorders due to low thyroid include:

  1. Excessive tearing, a body’s reaction to dry eyes
  2. The eyes and the tissues around it becomes puffy
  3. Decreased vision due to dryness and swelling
  4. Double vision
  5. Eyes appear like staring eyes because the eyelids open more widely or the eyes look like they are pushed forward
  6. The eyes become dry with a scratchy feeling due to the widely open eyelids

Diagnosis: You will have to undergo a complete eye examination by your eye doctor. This exam includes testing your eye movement, cornea, optic nerve and position of the eyelid and the eye. Blood test may be performed to examine the level of the thyroid hormone. To test the swelling of the eye socket and the muscles, you may require performing an ultrasound test or CT scan of the sockets of the eye.

Treatment: Eye disorders due to thyroid can be treated in many ways. The most important thing is to control your thyroid hormone levels. Regular blood tests will be required to test your hormonal levels. An ointment at night or artificial tears can be useful if the symptoms are mild. Radiations and steroids can also be used sometimes to decrease the swelling of the eye and the area around it. Special prisms can be applied on your eye glasses, if you suffer from doubled vision. If your eyes are not satisfied with these treatments, then you may need to undergo a surgery to correct your eye disorder and conserve your vision.

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  1. Eden Fredrickson says:

    Modern glasses are typically supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and by temple arms (sides) placed over the ears. CR-39 lenses are the most common plastic lenses due to their low weight, high scratch resistance, low dispersion, and low transparency to ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

  2. linda michaels says:

    Can reducing the TSH help with dry eyes?

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