Learning Prohibited

Learning disabilities sometimes link to mental disorder, anxiety, stress, phobias and so forth. When a child is evaluated and diagnosed with a learning disability the professional may see prohibits in the teaching process, but many times will often ignore it.

In other words, children are hindered often by authority figures from learning to their ability. Most children struggle silently through school without with out making it known that they are struggling.

Some students are able to hide their learning inabilities, by substituting, or faking. Other children make it apparent and ask for help, while other children will show their inabilities through inappropriate behaviors.

A local young man struggled with inabilities to learn to his ability and showed this when he could not control his behaviors. The boy has dangerous diagnoses, but teachers notice that he worked well when the teachers played into his hands. The child failed in many areas of school, but was noted as a highly intelligent individual.

After bullying stopped, or ceased this child was able to bring home good grades. I point this out, because peer pressure or bullying can hinder a child from learning.

In our town alone, there are countless of children with disabilities and some are resorting to gangs, while others are dropping from school.

The children that dropped, I noticed were tired of pressure coming from other children, and teachers. The teachers were making no progression with some of these children, and instead of finding another solution; the children are making a danger zone out of the local streets.

As you can see, prohibited strategies are not working. It is times we all look at other options. Instead of holding, these children back from learning at the level of understanding.

Ironically, the child I mentioned earlier was able to move ahead even though he was held back two years. Instead, of looking at the situation as a negative, this dangerous mind took his own control. He showed the teachers and his friends that he could do anything if he wanted to. What a unique young man!

Another local child has struggled for the last five years and his grades fluctuate. The child is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), treated for schizophrenia and psychosis. He too, is struggling to stay afloat, but regardless of his symptoms, HE is willing to try to the best of his abilities.

Unfortunately, our local area alone has nearly a hundred children claimed to have learning disabilities. Although we live in a small neighborhood, the number is escalating as the year’s progress. Teachers are tiring, simply because the National Education Association has worked to overpower them.

Teachers are often controlled by a higher source that limits their ability to teach. Structured in a system were they too are forced to think and behave according to code of ethnics and laws. Is it any wonder we live in a troubled world?

Learning disabilities are a struggle to understand, since most people will take an experts word and avoid searching for their own truth. Too many times parents will sit and allow the governed body to rule their lives.

Instead of searching for their own answers that could possibly bring forth positive results, they wait for the solution to land on their doorstep.

In the past, I have protested against mental health experts, politics, religions leaders, schools and so forth. To date I continue to fight the never-ending battle of corruption.

Our children are in harm’s way, simply because few will ever stand for their rights to stop the control and fight for learning.

Our foreign fellowmen in some countries focus on education and their children are growing strong. American leaders and school rulers are consumed in gaining power, control and profit, instead of focusing on the children that are craving to learn.

Encouragement for those suffering learning disabilities is reaching everywhere, and those people are writers, scientist, and even mental health experts.

To date, more people are realizing that our rulers are leading us to disaster, rather than guiding us to hope. In a diverse system, we all have an inability to learn. Disabilities are only labels that someone placed on a person that illustrated differences that they control!

Pull out those learning tools, including research to help you learn more about learning disabilities.

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