Learning Disabilities Causing Frustration

This doesn’t make sense to me. Why do I have to do this anyway? This is dumb. How many of the individuals in life with learning disabilities have you heard shout out those words?

They shout the words out, because the person is frustrated and has no understanding of his or her frustration. Instead of finding the answers, they will belittle learning because nothing makes sense.

If you believe this then you might want to read someone else’s work. At times, nothing does make sense and it is often because the course writer makes it difficult to understand. One of the golden rules of writing is known as KISS (Keep it simple stupid). When a writer considers his or her audience, it makes it easier to move forward.

However, many course writers are singling out one course and one group of people. In other words, mental illnesses or learning disabilities are rarely considered when course writing is in process.

Now those people that shout out this is dumb may not realize that dumb is on a different level of understanding. Let us examine English to see why it can be difficult to understand.

English is one of the more complicated subjects because it has numerous directions to follow. For example, we are told to use nouns and verbs to complete a sentence. After we write a sentence and the structure and grammar is off, we are told to work on our grammar and structuring.

When I was at school, the focus was more on verbs and nouns, but later I learned active voice and the list went on. Finally, after I failed to understand English, I choose to take another route.

Instead, of leaning on the teachers I did my own research to find answers to my so-called defeated tasks. Now, I am a writer and must consider all aspects of writing.

As you can see, learning disabilities can become a success if you search deep inside to find what is required to help the person move along.

We can consider faulty areas, such as colloquialisms. When we use colloquialisms, we are using dialect, slang, and/or expressions. We are told to avoid putting emphasis on colloquialisms because it discourages the readers. The concept draws attention to dialect.

When a person uses foreign dialect, it often confuses the listener. In other words, a Kentuckian might say ya’ll get out of there. Now, the Kentuckian is speaking to one person, so the northern might ask whom is ya’ll?

Dialect is part of learning since we all have a unique way of expressing our self. Exclamations are another problematic area for those with learning disabilities. I loved exclamations marks and put them behind every little sentence I wrote, at one time. I had to let them go eventually, but I realized that I did not have a deep understanding of the marks.

Exclamation marks are a bold or sudden utterance that expresses complaints by protesting. For example, you would place an exclamation mark behind the sentence, we did it! You are expressing joy with a bold tone. You would not put an exclamation mark behind the sentence did we do it? Rather, you would place a question market behind this sentence.

Hyphens are another area that instigates learning disabilities. Hyphens are generally used to divide a sentence or to compound element, words, and/or numbers. I will leave it at that since this sentence is simple enough to benefit a large group of individuals. (Example of hyphen: re-expose)

Numerals are often confusing to those that struggle with learning disabilities. For example, if you were claiming a date in your material you would avoid spelling the date out. For example, on November 3, 2005, I wrote an article. As you can see this sentence is correctly stated. The incorrect method would be on November third two thousand five I wrote an article. However, if you intend to use dialogue in your sentences then it makes more sense to spell the numerals out. For example, in the year of 1998, I turned thirty-two. Here you see dialogue, hyphen, and numerals combined.

Learning disabilities are often frustrating when we cannot grasp a meaning. If you are struggling to learn, you might want to read all the material available on subject that you struggle.

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