Lawn Tennis

In this section we see, how lawn tennis helps in burning calories? In tennis lots of energy is required to hit the ball, more running and jumping is done. It requires different court, rubber hollow ball and racket. It is played either between two players in single or between two teams of two players. Player uses stringed racket to hit the hollow rubber ball. We see rules and regulation to play this game so that anyone can play this game to reduce it calories. Here, One player is server and another is receiver. Service alternates between two halves of the court.

For each point, the server starts behind the baseline, between the center mark and the sideline. The receiver may start anywhere on his side, usually behind the service box. When receiver is ready service is served. Service is legitimate if it travels over the net without touching it and diagonally across the opposite service court. If the ball hits the net and lands on service court then this is let service, which server gets to re-serve the service without any penalty. But if service is faulty in other way like its too wide, long or not over the net, then server gets the second chance to serve. And again server does same error, then this is a double fault and the receiver wins a points. But if service is in then it is considered legal. A legal service starts a rally, in which player’s starts hitting ball across the net, until or unless one make mistake. In legal service, ball must be hit back in a single bounce. The first player or team who fails to make legal return loses the point.

Lawn tennis helps in burning calorie:

This game requires lots of energy to play. You have to run throughout the game, which gives our body a good exercise. Lots of calories were got burn while playing this game, as it increases metabolism of your body. It also enlarges your muscles, so it again your metabolic activities, as muscles are more active than your fat. It wipes out heart disease. Lots of sweating is gain while playing this game, hence reduces your fats too. It gives your body a hard exercise and hence burns calories more.


It gives good exercise to common people. And for the players it improves their game at same time.

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