Laser Surgery And Dry Eyes

Laser/ LASIK eye surgery is a medical procedure which is used to reduce your dependency on wearing either contact lenses or glasses. LASIK generally represents Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. It is a process in which the shape of the cornea is changed by using a surgical knife called Excimer. A flap in the cornea is cut with this knife, leaving a hinge at one end. This is folded back again to uncover the stroma, the middle-section of cornea.

Laser Eye Surgery, many times makes the patient feel uncomfortable and also cause blurred vision for a few days after the surgery. However, these problems are not very serious to be considered. Common problems after the laser eye surgery are damage to the corneal flap, eye infections, night blindness and other complications which may have a long-term effect.

Important Note: Person who has undergone laser eye surgery should avoid using bottled tears. They should use only the non-preserved tears which are available in individual dropperettes. Before undergoing a surgery, the following steps are followed:

Step I- Artificial tears are used four times a day. Oral FLAX seed capsules are given two times a day. The eyelashes are cleaned with a moist cloth in the morning and at night.

Step II- Tear drain plugs are inserted to hold them in the eyes for a longer time. Non-preserved tears are now used 8 times a day and an ointment is given to apply.

There are some side-effects of the Laser Eye Surgery

* A feeling of dryness in the eyes.
* The vision becomes blurred.
* Eye infections, corneal haze and epithelial in growth after the laser eye surgery.
* Burning sensation

These side-effects do not last for a longer time and they will soon vanish after sometime and the eye will start working properly again.

Advantages of laser eye surgery: There is fast recovery and smoother surface of the cornea with this surgery. The chances of eye infections are very low. A better method of vision correction is available by this method.

Disadvantages of laser eye surgery: Many flap complications occur including very small or thin flaps, flaps that are irregular or incomplete flaps, buttonholes or flaps without a hinge.

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