Just Before An Injury

Most athletes and serious sports participants know all about the familiar tinge that happens just before some sports injuries take place. Perhaps it’s a dull ache in a muscle to tell the athlete to slow down, or maybe it’s a brief but potent shooting pain that warns the athlete to pay attention because something isn’t quite right. Whatever the initial tip-off, far too many athletes and sports participants ignore these important signals from their bodies. Some people ignore the feeling because they feel as though they can push through the pain and move on with the game, while other people are so wrapped up in the competition that they really don’t listen to their bodies and notice the warnings. If you are in tune with your body, however, you will probably notice the desperate signals you’re receiving to stop what you’re doing because an injury is about to occur.

Not all sports injuries can be accurately predicted. A soccer player who is accidently kicked in the head by another player probably won’t receive any advance warning from their bodies, just as a ballerina dropped by her partner can’t hope to predict the impending injury and avoid it. Impact injuries within sports often occur without any sort of warning whatsoever. Injuries as a result of overuse or contorting a body part contrary to what it’s used to, however, are usually preceded by some form of a warning from your body. Athletes who have already experienced a wide variety of injuries are probably most well versed at recognizing the hints of an upcoming injury because they have already been through it. Even if you have never had any type of sports injury, though, you should still be able to recognize the signs of something amiss within your body and take the appropriate steps to avoid a full blown injury.

Signs to look for when engaging in a sport or any physical activity include the feeling as though your muscles are getting stretched a little too much, or any sharp pains which may or may not subside. Your instincts might light up and send you the message that you’re working your body too hard or putting your body into a bad position. It’s incredibly important to trust your instincts and to alter or stop the physical activity immediately after you get the feeling as though something isn’t quite right, because sometimes the only warning that a sports injury is about to occur is a feeling that just can’t be pinpointed. Don’t disregard these feelings when they happen. Even though you may not have a conscious knowledge of a muscle that’s about to get strained or a bone that is about to give way, your body knows exactly what is going on and tries desperately to send you the signals you need in order to realize that something is about to give. If you can learn to listen to your body and stop before something happens, you may be able to avoid certain types of sports injuries.

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