I Don’t Want To Be Fat Anymore.

Every time at the beginning of January month we are stead fast by loads of new resolutions. But as the days pass the effect and commitment to resolutions also fades away. Most people’s New Year resolutions become stale and pale. The resolves to loose weight, quit smoking are some of the quickly fading resolutions. The self improvement fever lasts only a few weeks and by March all the great ideas are faded away. What is needed is stern willpower to inculcate discipline and work hard to get the goals. We have to understand that a short term difficulty will result in long term pleasure. Not only new year, but there are many resolutions which are made time to time and at any period of year. Weight loosing and desire to be fit is the most common wish among people and many efforts are taken to keep these measures.

Habits which increase fat.

Actually what we do in our day to day life regularly is that we go on adding fat in our system. We don’t want to be fat, but our activities lead us to add more and more fat in our body system. One of the reason we add fat is lowering our metabolism. Not exercising and stopping walking are perfect ways to slow one’s metabolism. Avoiding physical exercise breaks down existing muscle mass. That will accelerate fat gain. Drinking lots of carbonated soft drinks leads to addition of chunk of calories and individual will be fatter than before. It increases sugar level in body. The choice of high caloric density foods is another activity that leads us to a fatty life. Loading up on junk foods and visiting fast food restaurants frequently can kill the desire of not getting fat anymore. Avoiding all these habits and addictions are mandatory for not getting fat anymore. Again the discipline factor comes here.

Get started

First of all you have to determine and decide that you have to lose weight. Certainly by losing excess weight you will realize that you are healthier than you were. You have to really work hard to get some exercise in. A diet program is not mandatory. But you have to exercise out your intake regularly in a disciplined and focused manner.

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