Herpes is a infection caused by virus named HSV-1 and HSV-2, herpes simplex viruses. HSV-1 virus mainly effect the face and oral part of the body (herpes labialis) and HSV-2 effect mainly the genitals(herpes genitals). Making it simpler:

HSV-1 virus hits one above waist
HSV-2 virus hits below waist

But this doesn’t apply completely anymore because cases have been found to prove the thumb rule wrong. Different herpes have been classified on the basis of the infected part of the body. The changing sexual practices of the population and reacceptance of sexual behaviour, the trend in disease has changed remarkably.

Oral herpes visible symptoms are cold sores mainly attack on face and mouth. Genital herpes infects on the area surrounding genital and is transmitted with sexual contact with the infected person. Genital herpes is commonly found herpes. The impact of virus is related to the immunity of the person being infected. The HSV-1 virus is not harmful for the people with strong immunity. The HSV-1 virus may result in following problems.

Herpes gladiatorum
Herpes whitlow
Cerebral herpes infection
Ocular herpes
Neonatal herpes
Bell’s palsy
Mollaret’s meningitis

The infection moves slowly to a permanent place in the nerve where it stays permanently as latent viruses. Genital herpes infection is sometimes free from symptoms and it becomes difficult to notice them. Over period of time the frequency of outbreaks reduces. The virus gets easily transmitted sexually with a cut in the body of infected person or with body fluid. Skin to skin contact can even lead to infection. Various protections can be used but they are not fully safe, they also involve risk. In the early stages it becomes difficult to diagnose the problem. The oral herpes can be diagnosed easily sometimes with visible sores. Early stages can be diagnosed with lab testing which give proper results. The prevalence of the disease varies in different parts of the world. Various factors have been listed out for the spread of disease and viruses like poor economic condition, overcrowding, social and economic problems. If we talk about its cure then there is no cure for herpes, no vaccine has been developed to treat herpes. The problem can be diagnosed and reduced but not cured. Various infections occur due to virus:

Genital infection
Oro-facial infection
Herpes gladiatorum
Herpes whitlow
Alzheimer’s disease
Various treatments followed are
Tropical treatments
Antiviral medication
Natural compounds

The most important is to follow safety measures to combat this disease and viral infection.

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