Herpes On Face

Herpes simplex virus or HSV-1 is the technical term which is used to describe herpes on face. HSV-1 is the causing agent for herpes on face. The other virus is HSV-2 and affects the area below the belt. HSV-1 is also responsible for infection below the belt but not a severe one. The drawback of herpes on face is that it can’t be hidden. It gets very much visible. Eighty percent of the population is suffering from HSV-1 virus. The number of cases with HSV-1 virus is steadily rising.

The simplex virus leads to different outcomes for different people like fever blisters, cold sores, bumps. Herpes on face are different for different individuals. The first outbreak is severe and painful than the next which follows after few months gap. The swollen gums or painful sores are seen as herpes on face of the infected person while other may get a sore on their lip. Some viruses don’t even show symptoms which become difficult to find out if a person is suffering from the disease. This may lead to unnecessary transfer of virus from one person to another.

People may even get a sore throat or high fever and this may not be recognised as herpes. The virus takes a permanent place inside the body once entered, the person stay infected for life. The natural herbs are used for treatment and various medications are also followed.

The various ways in which herpes can be contracted are:

* By kissing a person who is already infected with the virus.
* By way of oral sex with someone who already infected with genital herpes
* Drinking from the same glass.

These all ways can be avoided which says it can be easily prevented if proper care is taken.

Certain precautionary measures can be taken to avoid the attack of virus:

* If the person is aware that he is suffering from facial herpes, he must avoid contact with the other people
* Don’t allow anyone else to drink water from your glass
* Refrain from kissing anyone, children must be avoided as they have weak immune system

Various reasons have been seen for outbreaks of facial herpes for the second time. This is rare but due to emotional stress, hormones, dental problem and illness one can fall prey to the viral infection. If someone feel itchy or tingling feeling, swelling of lymph nodes or fever, can be diagnosed for herpes. There are various treatments available for herpes on face and right decision must be taken with the help of doctors.

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