Herpes Labialis

Lip herpes is same as herpes labialis. It attacks the region around the mouth. The primary infection of lip herpes is not visible sometimes as the symptoms are not visible. The gums are also affected by the disease. The affect of primary infection last for a month or so and the second revival of the symptoms are found to be less severe. The virus gets reactivated and the symptoms are seen as lesions or sores surrounding the mouth. This infection is also called fever and cold sores. The second time the affect is less severe and painful. The disease may cause embarrassment in people and stress.

The causing agent for herpes labialis is both the virus HSV-1 and HSV-2. The recurrence of the disease occurs with the revival of HSV-1 virus. Oral herpes is rarely contracted with HSV-2.

The HSV-1 infection is the most common infection throughout the world and its primary symptoms are not visible and mostly children are affected by the virus. The disease has spread all over the world one of the reason for herpes can be underdevelopment and poverty. Herpes being a disease which can be transmitted from one person to another that’s why depend on socio-economic condition of a country.

If proper care is taken of hygiene and over-crowding the spreading of virus can be controlled. HSV-1 can also lead to genital herpes which can be transmitted via oral sex if the partner is positive for the virus.

The symptoms for herpes labialis may not be seen at first. The inflammation of lower throat is seen as the symptoms. Lesions can also be seen outside the mouth. The symptoms herpes labialis are:

Inability to eat

And these symptoms may last from 2-3 weeks. Lymph nodes may swell from time to time. HSV-1 infection may lead to lesions of the lower pharynx and even tonsils. Lesions can be seen on the tongue, gums and inside the cheek. The lesions get ruptured and may turn out to be ulcer and may slowly diminish. The cut and lesion can be painful sometimes and can lead to problem of swallowing. The further case may lead to difficulties in eating and drinking. The hydrating of the body may be of help to reduce the infection.

The reactivation of herpes labialis is due to HSV-1 virus. Herpes labialis is sometimes confusd with canker sores which occur inside the mouth or around the tongue. The duration of this infection may last for a week or two. The cold sores appear at the same place but ulcers can occur in different places within the mouth.

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