Herpes Cure

The role of medical scientist is to find the cure of the new disease. These days it is not difficult for the modern science to look for the herpes cure and the complete cure not to be worried about now. Lives of millions of people will be affected. If the symptoms of herpes can be diagnosed then it is duty of the doctor and the patient to refer to the prescribed medicine. Some people even prefer to go for natural herbs for herpes cure. Natural herpes cure is always good with no side effects but doesn’t give surety of complete recovery. If proper hydration of the body is done then it becomes simpler for body to be rid of herpes.

It is the job or interest of the doctor to work out new solutions and treatment for curing herpes. For this the herpes virus is investigated to discover a new vaccine. Various new medicines are on the way for herpes cure. Some natural treatment to smoothen the pain is:

Drinking plenty of water if a person face difficulty in passing of urine
Ice wrapped in a towel can be a good cure to cool the sores

The relationship comes on stake due to herpes, but now there is not much fear as herpes cure have been found. The herpes even result in mental stress, pain is felt during urination and itching around the sores. The research to cure genital herpes is on the way

In the coming 3-5 years herpes vaccine may be developing. We know that herpes cannot be cure but just treated for the moment. The virus inside the body is difficult to remove from the patient’s body.

The perfect herpes cure is difficult to achieve but it helps in reducing the duration and frequency f the outbreaks. Therefore it must be discussed with the doctor before practising it. The infected area must be kept clean and dry. In this situation natural healing process works very well. The blisters or sore can be pat dried with the hair dryer on cool setting. Tight fitting clothes can also be avoided if person is suffering from genital herpes. Proper choice of cream and lotion has to be made as all doesn’t work well. Proper exercise and running can be helpful for herpes cure. Proper diet must be part of daily routine

The antiviral therapy can be followed to stop or minimize the effect of virus. The medication doesn’t allow the virus to flourish and destroy it. But one proverb must be followed to cure herpes, “Prevention is better than Cure”

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