Herpes And Cold Sores

HSV-1 is the causing agent of cold sores. Herpes simplex is the also known as cold sores and also fever blisters. It is a viral infection which may reoccur if once attacked the body. The virus never gets removed from the body even if it is removed from the skin by medication. The virus hides in the nerve cells and reoccur itself which is still not clear. How and why the viruses reappear? The herpes has become a common disease and large percentage of people has been affected by the herpes. People are even unaware of the attack by the virus as sometimes it don’t show any symptoms and this may lead to unwanted pass of virus to the other person body.

Herpes and cold sores are seen as red dots and blisters around the facial area. Cold sores are preceded by tingling and itching and burning sensation. The blisters develops into a full grown and burst. This may take 2weeks to happen. Then the area gets dry and recovery starts. Scars are rarely formed. Some people get herpes without any symptoms.

There are two types of virus HSV-1 and HSV-2. 60% of cold sores are caused by HSV-1 virus around lips and face. The rest 40% are caused by HSV-2 virus. Herpes simplex is contracted by kissing or skin to skin contact. Once the person gets infected with the HSV-2 virus, he gets immune to HSV-1. The natural and body mechanism may lead to outbreak of herpes like Menstruation, fever and stress.

People have shown positive results with the natural products or herbs. Drug named acyclovir is quiet affective for treating cold sores. The medication of the tablet must last for 7-8 days. As soon as one feel burning or itching sensation acyclovir can be taken, and it stops the process of virus attack. During pregnancy it has to be avoided. The infected area must be washed twice in a day with dove. Polysporin is an ointment which can be applied twice in a day on the affected area. L-lysine 500 mg is a tablet which can also be taken as soon as the itchy feeling occurs. It has to be taken 3 times a day for 2-3 days and it helps in not forming the blisters. These medicines are available in all drug stores and must not be taken when the stomach is empty. The oral herpes or genital herpes both can be spread even if symptoms are not present.

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