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Smoking contains nicotine. It is a drug to which on can easily get addicted to it. One takes in nicotine through cigarettes. Smoking along with the consumption of alcohol, produces greater harmful effects.

Harmful effects of smoking

The most dreadful disease caused by smoking is cancer. The mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide in each cigarette leads to heart problems, blood pressure and straining you blood vessels. It can also cause bronchitis and other diseases related to the lung. Emphysema is one such lung related disease. In this disease, the lung gradually starts rotting. This may lead to amputation of the lungs even. Smoking causes fat deposits in the arteries and thus leads to blockage of the arteries and blood vessels. This further leads to cardiac arrest. Smoking can be fatal.

Tips to stop smoking

Although it is very difficult to stop smoking, it is not impossible to do so. Before you take any measures in order to stop smoking, you need to be very strong willed. For this, a list stating all the reasons for you to stop smoking should be stated. This would give you an aim and would in turn boost your moral. The next thing you need to do is to set a deadline for yourself. This would set a specific frame to your efforts. The next thing you should do is to tell all your friends, relatives and co-workers that you are quitting smoking, so that they can support you in doing so. Next thing is to throw away all your ashtrays and cigarettes and lighters. This avoids any temptations. One should be determined and should think positively.

Tackling withdrawal symptoms

If you stop smoking suddenly, you will have to face some withdrawal symptoms. Nausea, headache, anxiety, irritability, craving, loss of excess of appetite are some of the withdrawal symptoms. One can take the help of medications in order to solve these problems. There are even some smoke clinics that help the patients to quit smoking and tackle all the withdrawal symptoms. One should consume cigarette substitutes such as chewing gums; juices etc. proper medication and continuous support from the family members and the loved ones, giving up smoking can be easily possible.

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