Health And Wellness Linking To Learning Disability

Health And Wellness Linking To Learning Disability

Health and wellness is top priority for many today. Recent research has proven that exercise and nutrition plays an important role in maintaining the skills we need to learn.

When we are trying to better our self, we must learn how to utilize our skill to control what we eat, think, feel, and do. If we are not using the list of requirements then most likely we are going to have difficulty learning. Since, exercise and nutrition decreases our risk of disease, aging, and so forth we can see that it is a requirement needed to help us learn.

Healthy living also enhances our energy level, maintains our metabolism, awareness, and helps us to live a longer, healthier life. All of us want to avoid disease, mental and physical illnesses. Sugar diabetes, high-blood pressure, and other related illness can cause the mind problems, disabling it from learning effectively.

If you are willing to increase your ability to learn then getting on track by including exercise and diet in your plan can help you go a long way with learning.

Our body requires a degree of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and so forth to maintain a quality level of insulin, which helps our blood flow. The metabolism plays are large part in development, since the metabolism promotes our energy.

This is where we can consider Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, since the degree of energy produced in these minds might be linked to over exaggerated metabolism levels.

To maintain a level of metabolism we must eat healthy foods that include all the nutrition’s our body requires. We must also promote exercise, since the right exercises help us to burn negative energies.

Cardio exercises are great for burning fat, which helps to increase the metabolism. Therefore, we see that ADHD patients would benefit more with stretching exercises and mass exercises.

Exercising and eating healthy foods is beneficial for promoting purified oxygen. When our oxygen level is low, it is often because impurities are contaminating our system. This means we need cellular oxygen to cleanse our bodies and mind to promote learning.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is the number one source for learning disabilities. The diagnosis has been around for centuries, but currently it has become more popular since a tag has been constructed.

In the early 1900’s Attention Deficit Disorders were known as Defect of Morality. Noted by Dr. Still who studied children with impulsive behaviors, monitoring their ability to learn?

These people are not stupid. Rather, they have a higher degree of learning than the common people do in society.

In other words a person with Attention Deficit Disorders does not have to repeat as often, or else focus for hours on a subject to learn what it means. Since, people with Attention Deficit Disorders have shorter tension spans, it makes sense that they would require less time to learn verses the ordinary minds length of learning time.

It is important to reduce tasks for children suffering ADHD. Since society, law and education require the child suffering to measure up to normality, we are only pushing the child over the edge.

One of the downsides of this disorder that makes it appear the child is below learning level, is that they fail to use common sense.

This is where exercise and nutrition can benefit the child, since healthy patterns push forward healthier minds. When a child is lacking the ability to use common sense he or she will need a structural activity that focuses on control.

My child was diagnosed with ADHD and he will often crave sugar. He believes the negative substances help him to control his hyperactivity. Sugar does the opposite, but ironically, speed or Methamphetamines will slow down the hyperactivity.

In conclusion, we can see that exercise, nutrition, stability, and control are elements required to help ADHD patients learn effectively.

While none of us has all the answers, most of us can control what happens in our life. We can all work together to learn and grow at our own pace, by including diet and exercise in our plans.

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