Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is caused by two viruses namely: Herpes simplex viruses type 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes simplex viruses type 2 (HSV-2). Genital herpes being a disease which is sexually transmitted proper care has to be taken when a person is sexually involved with someone. The disease shows very little or negligible signs from the above infection. When the symptoms occur they are seen as blisters or red dots around the genital area or rectum. These blisters may erupt and leave ulcers which take their own time of around 3 – 4 weeks to heal. The other eruption may occur in weeks or months which is of less intensity and even shorter. The infection however tends to remain in the body for indefinitely but the number of eruptions is reduced as the time passes.

The genital herpes have been found very common in United States and Australia. 25% of people have been found being infected with the deadly HSV virus. As the latest survey says that the number has reduced as compared to past years.

Due to male to female transmission of HSV viruses, it has been found that women are more susceptible from the HSV-2 virus. The percentage of women being affected comes around to be 25%.

Genital herpes are passed from one person to another via physical contact. The HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses are passed from the cut, sores that virus cause. Sexually it is transmitted during intimate moments between partners one of which is infected with HSV-2 virus. Transfer of virus may even occur if the person doesn’t have visible sore but is infected with the virus.

Genital herpes can even be caused by HSV-1 virus. But instead of leading to genital herpes it causes mouth and lips infection. When the HSV-1 virus infects the genital, the outbreak may be less regular than HSV-2 outbreaks.

HSV-2 causes Genital herpes and most of the times people are not aware of the infection. The first release occurs after 2-3 weeks of the infection. Second time the infection is accompanied by fever, swollen glands. The symptoms sometimes can be mistaken with insect bite or skin problems. Genital herpes symptoms can be understood if proper check is done. Basically, genital herpes give eruption 4-5 times within a year. Although it’s frequency reduces.

Genital herpes may leads to pain in genitals in adults; it can be severe in the cases of people with weak immunity. Genital herpes causes imbalance in the emotional and physical states of person being infected.

There are little chances of passing infection from mother to her baby.

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