General Information About Sports Injuries

It is important for all parents to be aware of some general information about sports injuries before their son or daughter participates in contact sports. There is always the possibility that an injury can occur when playing contact sports and knowing not only about the possible sports injuries but how to prevent them should be a priority before participating for the first time.

Sports injuries can occur at all levels of sports play including school sports. No player wants to sustain an injury because it normally is a setback for any athlete. Treatment and rehab will usually soon put the player back in the game.

There are as many different types of sports injuries as there are body parts to be injured and more. There are acute injuries and chronic injuries, injuries that require immediate first aid, and those that require a trip to the emergency room. Sports injuries can be mild in which case some first aid usually get the player right back into the game and there are those injuries in which the player is required to have long-term rehab before returning to the game. Some common body part injuries include overuse injuries, rotator cuff tears, knee ligament injuries, sprains and strains and fractures.

There are injuries that are common to particular sports and there are injuries that happen in most sports. There are injuries that occur due to contact and injuries that occur due to the type of surface being played on. Sometimes injuries are related to the repetitiveness of the motions used in the sport.

Using safety gear such as helmets, pads, mouth guards, and proper footwear can prevent all sports injuries. Another way to help prevent injuries is to assure that the players are using equipment that is made for the particular sport being played and that the equipment is being maintained properly.

Part of sport injury prevention revolves around the proper training and warm-ups that the players receive. The proper ongoing training of the coach is also relevant to injury prevention.

All players should be in good physical condition before participating in the sport, which is why general, physical examinations are usually required. Any injured player should also be required to have a doctor’s approval before returning to play especially after moderate or severe injuries.

All players, coaches and referees should abide by the rules of the sport in order to keep the players safe. Rules of conduct such as illegal blocks and tackles are enforced especially for the health and safety of the players.

It is also important that all players be allowed to rest adequately in-between training and games. Rest is critical to proper training because rest can make an athlete stronger and can help to prevent injuries. Fatigue leads to poor judgment, which can lead to sports injuries.

Warm-ups are critical to prevent sports injuries.

Never play when you are in pain. Pain is a signal from your body that it is injured. Athletes should not play while injured as this can lead to more serious injuries, which can then be long-term.

Athletes should also be careful regarding playing while recuperating from chronic injuries. Proper recovery days can help to prevent re-injury.

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