Foods That May Trigger Rosacea

People who are busy with their work are usually the ones who are prone to suffering skin disorders such as Rosacea. This is because the exhaustion and their hectic schedule keep them from maintaining healthy skin on a daily basis. If you are one of those who are having trouble to keep healthy skin due to too much work, it is now time to reflect what might be causing these and address it properly.

Rosacea is a skin disorder that results to flushed skin. If remains undiagnosed, it will result to the appearance of purplish or reddish discoloration on the skin as well as the dark blotches due to permanent enlargements of small blood vessels.

This is considered as among the most common skin disorders in the US. In fact, studies show that 1 out of 20 Americans are diagnosed to suffer from this skin disorder. Experts say that women are most prone to this skin condition and their overall appearance is greatly affected.

Various cases of Rosacea show that people who are suffering from it, aside from extreme skin flushing, will eventually have enlarged and swollen nose which continues to turn red over time.

Don’t trigger it

Experts say that up until now, the exact cause or causes of Rosacea have been identified. Some studies show that the skin disorder can be caused by foods and unhealthy lifestyle.

Experts also say that the best way to prevent it is to avoid foods that may trigger it. These are the foods that may trigger Rosacea:

– Foods that contain too much fat. Experts say that people are eating foods that have too much fat are prone to not sleeping well at night because it creates a lot of digesting work for the stomach. Lack of sleep, experts say, is one of the major reasons of developing skin disorder such as Rosacea. If you want to avoid developing any skin disorder, he or she should get better sleep by cutting down on foods that are too rich or fatty so there will be lesser work for the stomach especially at nighttime.

– Too much spicy or acidic foods. These sets of foods can very much trigger Rosacea because if one eats too many sets of spicy foods, it can lead to troubles in the stomach and even prickly skin.

– Too much alcohol intake. Some people say that alcohol may help one to get better sleep or can relieve stress but it greatly affects the skin because it makes it dry. When the skin is dry, it is more prone to wrinkles and other skin conditions.

– Foods that contain caffeine. These are another set of culprits for people who are having trouble in maintaining their skin care regimen and those who are prone to suffering to skin diseases such as Rosacea. If you are prone to this, it is best to avoid foods as well as drinks that have high caffeine content such as coffee, chocolates, sodas that are caffeinated as well as teas.

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