Fibromyalgia Facts Figures And Myths Debunked

Are you curious about the real facts, figures and myths behind the medical condition, fibromyalgia? You can discover through the American College of Rheumatology some very interesting facts and figures about fibromyalgia and using any search engine you can find some very fascinating myths circulating online about fibromyalgia as well. In this article you can discover the facts, figures and myths debunked all in one convenient place.

Facts and Figures:

In America there are currently over 6 million individuals suffering from fibromyalgia of all ages. Basically, one in every 50 Americans you meet on the streets is suffering from fibromyalgia. Out of those suffering in America, 80% to 90% of them are women. This is why some refer to this as a “woman’s disease”.

Studies also show that when a woman is diagnosed with fibromyalgia there is a strong possibility that she had a family member that had also been diagnosed with the same condition. This study suggests that there is a genetic component to fibromyalgia.

Out of all the conditions categorized as “rheumatic ailments”, fibromyalgia was found to be second most common ailment with Osteoarthritis in the number one spot.

In 1999 a study conducted by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin diseases uncovered the fact that fibromyalgia is commonly diagnosed among women when they are of reproductive age often during pregnancy. The same study also discovered that 90% of fibromyalgia patients have some jaw or facial sensitivity, symptoms that mimic temporal mandible joint dysfunction (TMJD), which makes diagnosing fibromyalgia difficult.

The most common fibromyalgia symptom in those under age 50 is pain and of those who are older than 60 the most common symptoms of the condition is fatigue. Pain and fatigue are hallmark symptoms for those who suffer from fibromyalgia.

Myths Debunked:

Perhaps the most often discussed myth concerning fibromyalgia is whether or not it is “all in the heads of the sufferer”, as in being psychological only or whether it is indeed a illness at all. The myth debunked is that fibromyalgia is a complex condition that has symptoms similar to many other diseases and conditions, is difficult to diagnose and has many mysteries surrounding it but has very real physical characteristics that can be tested by rheumatologists and neurologists.

There is also a myth circulating that fibromyalgia is fatal if contracted. The myth debunked and the truth is like so many other chronic conditions the individual with fibromyalgia does not die of the condition but may in fact die of conditions that develop along the way but that the condition itself is not fatal. There are no studies with proof that fibromyalgia in any way shortens a person’s life expectancy.

Another myth is that those who develop fibromyalgia will incur lasting damage to the body. Debunking this myth is easy because fibromyalgia has been shown to be a chronic disease that has symptoms that do worsen but that it is not progressive in nature as in the body’s organs and tissues do not deteriorate with the presence of fibromyalgia. In fact, fibromyalgia is a common condition, with over 6 million Americans alone suffering from it and if it were a progressive disease you would be able to spot this large population more easily.

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