Exercise Diet And Alternative Health Methods For Those With Alzheimers

Overall health is very important for those with Alzheimer’s. If the body is as healthy as can be the patient is better able to handle the symptoms of Alzheimer’s as they occur. Managing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s is what treatment is all about as pertaining to a progressive and incurable disease such as Alzheimer’s. The goal that drives most treatment plans for those with Alzheimer’s is to manage the symptoms and to keep the patient as comfortable as possible while giving the patient as much freedom as is practical from a safety standpoint. Keeping the patient in overall good health by using exercise, diet and other health related methods to achieve this goal are in the best interest of the Alzheimer’s patient. If the patient can maintain healthy habits they are more likely to experience a reduction in symptoms that can lead to more comfort.

In order to maintain the best health possible the patient should be scheduled for regular hearing, vision, dental and medical visits. Health care professionals should be consulted on an “as needed basis” this includes managing any other medical conditions that may exist or occur during the course of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Individuals should consult with a nutritionist or registered dietician regarding the best diet for them especially if they have other health concerns like diabetes. Most medical professionals suggest that a diet that is well balanced, and nutrient-rich is best for those with Alzheimer’s. As the disease progresses into the later stages, swallowing becomes more difficult which will affect the texture of foods on the diet plan. As the brain deteriorates and brain areas are affected by shrinking and dying brain cells the areas of the brain that control appetite and eating behaviors such as overeating or not refusing to eat may occur which will impact the ability to follow a well-balanced diet. This is when caregivers must get creative in order to maintain proper nutrition.

Exercise is essential for anyone’s good health because exercise can improve mobility and help individuals to retain independence longer. Exercise may also improve cognitive functioning in individuals without Alzheimer’s and perhaps there is some benefit to slowing the progression of cognitive symptoms in those who have Alzheimer’s if they have already been active or if they continue to stay active for as long as possible.

Health related methods that may be utilized to improve the overall health and function of those with Alzheimer’s include acupuncture, herbal remedies and massage. Any type of herbal or supplemental vitamin or mineral alternative treatments must be used only with the doctor treating the Alzheimer’s approval as some herbal remedies can harm or have adverse reactions with other medications the patient may be taking including those used to treat Alzheimer’s and other common diseases. Your doctor can discuss benefits and risks of other health methods that may or may not be good to use alongside current treatments for the Alzheimer’s symptoms that the person is being treated for.

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