Essential Guide To Arthritis Prevention

Arthritis is a very painful disease that attacks the joints in our bodies and produces excruciating pain. Statistics show that approximately 46 million people are affected by arthritis in US and 300,000 children. Arthritis is a disease that includes about 100 disorders and it can occur to anyone at any given age.

Because arthritis does not have a cure the best thing you can do if you don’t suffer from it yet is to try and prevent it; here are some easy ways in which you too can work towards arthritis prevention everyday.

Arthritis Prevention Through A Balanced Diet

A poor diet weakens your body, immune system and bones, which in turn affect your joints. A balanced diet will keep your body strong as well as your bones and the arthritis away. The diet that is best for you needs to me worked out with your doctor who is aware of your present state of health and other existing conditions.

Studies have shown that obese people get arthritis because they apply a greater force on their joints, wearing them out in time. A good arthritis prevention practice if to try and get your weight to the normal level, which should be proportionate to your height; here too your doctor can give you a helping hand ad set you in the right direction. If you are over weight it is very important you follow strict diets to loose weight gradually and not a crash diet, which can in fact produce more damage in the long run.

Arthritis Prevention Through Exercise

There are a number of exercises that will help you prevent arthritis by strengthening your body and ensuring that your joints are kept flexible; such as exercises are Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. To practice any of these exercises for arthritis prevention it is recommended you take a class especially if you have never done any of them before. Even though these exercises are easy to practice and follow, it is also extremely easy to exercise wrong and hurt yourself in the process.

Other Ways For Arthritis Prevention

Another way to prevent arthritis is to ensure that you take all the vitamins and minerals that your body, bones and joints need in order to be strong and sustain the wear and tear that comes with aging. Those of us that have parents or grandparents who have had arthritis need to start a prevention program as early as possible because your changes of getting the diseases are a lot higher.

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