Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry Eye is an eye disorder which is a problem faced by many people. It is a condition in which the production of tears in the eyes is reduced. It is a disorder related to the quality of tear film lubricating the eye. Environmental factors such as climate also cause irritation and dryness of the eyes. And so people with dry eyes, often experience discomfort in many ways.

Let us have a brief look on the symptoms of dry eye- The symptoms of dry eye differ from one person to another. Assessing the symptoms of dry eye is one of the key components to diagnose dry eye.

1. Dry, Itchy Eyes- People with dry eyes generally sense the feeling of having allergies. This condition is very uncomfortable as well as distracting. You get a feeling there is something in your eye, when actually there is nothing.

2. Red eyes- you look very tired or ill because of dry, red eyes. Eye drops are recommended to lessen the discomfort caused by dry eye, but they also become less effective as and when time passes.

3. Burning sensation in the eye- Burning eyes indicate that the moisture level in the eye is decreasing and gradually, disappearing from the delicate eye tissues. This sensation leads to heavy blinking with inadequate tear production, which further causes irritation in the eye.

4. Dry, sore eyes- People suffering from dry eye continuously rub and blink their eyes. This makes the muscles around the eye ache and feel tired. Also the increase in B.P. and repeated rubbing itself hurts the eye.

5. Excessive tearing- It may surely surprise you that a condition caused due to inadequate production of tears can also produce excessive tearing. But you need to understand that there are different kinds of tears. The normal tears are a mixture of water, tears and mucus. These elements are produced differently but are mixed on the eye surface itself. The tears produced due to dry eye contain only water and lack the oil and mucus. This makes the eye feel drier.

6. Gritty sensation in the eyes- A gritty feeling in the eye includes a feeling that there is some fine sand or dust particles present under the eyelids.

7. Difficulty in wearing contact lenses and the eyes become sensitive to bright light.

Some people may show all the symptoms, while other may experience only some of these symptoms. If you have any of the above mentioned symptoms, consult your doctor and ask him about dry eye. If detected early, you can go for the right treatment.

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