Cosmetic Dental Surgery

So you are having a problem with your teeth. You are finding it difficult to carry out your day to day activities. Do you have low confidence because your front tooth is missing? If you want to get your smile and confidence back then you must take the help of cosmetic dental surgery. It is the most reliable method that is frequently used to solve dental problems. Cosmetic dental surgery is also called as dental implant surgery. Whether you want to implant a single tooth or replace all your teeth, cosmetic dental surgery is considered to be the best treatment for a range of tooth problems.

Cosmetic dental surgery is advanced medical technology that is used in dealing with tooth loss. In toothless area of your jaw bone, titanium implant is planted. Your jawbone fuses with titanium that provides a very strong anchorage for your implant.

This cosmetic dental surgery gives a better health to your teeth.

Conventional methods such as dentures and dental bridges are not at all beneficial in such cases. It prevents resorption of jawbone in case of tooth loss. One major advantage of cosmetic dental surgery is that it perfectly restores your chewing function. It avoids overloading and cutting down the natural teeth. It helps to restore a patient’s confidence and self esteem as it gives a feeling of regaining real teeth. It functions far better than dentures and dental bridges. This cosmetic dental surgery gives superior results.

You should consult a doctor before undergoing cosmetic dental surgery. Healing period of up to 6 months is needed. Patients who are suffering from diabetes may take more to heel. Cases such as bone grafting require longer periods as bone grafting is a very complex situation. Cosmetic dental surgery is performed with proper facilities under aseptic conditions

During surgery you will experience some pain but the pain will be controlled using a local anesthesia. Pain after cosmetic dental surgery can be effectively controlled using dental medications. Cosmetic dental surgery is highly successful in curing dental problems. Although in extreme cases there is a possibility of failure, overall it has a high success rate.

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