Women largely suffer from skin problem like cellulite. The nasty, rough appearance of the cellulite occurs on the female body on places like thighs, hips, and buttocks. Many medical researches have come across the conclusion that many women in Europe and America suffer from cellulite problems that leaves marks on their skin that resembles cottage cheese or the orange peel.

Therefore, it is very vital to understand its nature and intensity, its causes and what treatment should be followed to get rid of such cellulite.

The skin problem like cellulite is an expanded layer of the fat cells, which occurs beneath the skin and causes bouncy appearance on the expanded skin. Such cellulite fat is largely seen in the areas like buttocks, thighs and hips where large amount of fat is stickled to the skin.

As far intensity of such cellulite is concerned, women are largely affected than men because of the various patterns of muscles, fat and distribution of the connective tissues in the female body.

There are various factors which are largely responsible to develop the cellulite. These factors are hormonal change, aging, avoidance of body exercise, overweight body and many more.

In the hormonal modifications like puberty, pregnancy, menopause is highly responsible to generate such skin problem. Such a responsible culprit for the cellulite problem like hormones is largely present in the fat, blood circulation process and connective tissues in the female body. In women, the cellulite is being developed after the age of 30 and in the adolescence years, after puberty.

Various medications like anti cellulite cream, cellulite lotion and pills are the vital medications to cure and eliminate the appearance of cellulite from the skin temporarily. The precautionary measures for the cellulite skin problems also facilitated with various types of surgical and suction treatments. These treatments are endermologie cellulite, cellulite massage, cellulite and liposuction, cellulite body wrap and mesotherapy cellulite.

However, above surgical and suction treatments makes the women feel free, such feeling is temporarily. In addition to such treatments, the regular exercise and weight loss can give some comfort from cellulite. Therefore, by doing exercises, the calories are burned and there will be a less possibility to overweight.

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