Cause And Relief For Neck Arthritis

The neck is made out of the spinal column and one of its main functions is to support our head. The neck contains of seven bones, which are known as the cervical vertebrae. With age the cartilage between these bones ware out and thus, neck arthritis is born. Neck arthritis usually occurs with age but there have been cases in young adults as well.

Cervical Spondylosis Or Neck Arthritis

Neck arthritis occurs in years due to excessive usage of the neck bones however; this differs from person to person and it is not a common for or arthritis. We all suffer at one time or another from a neck pain such as, stiffness because you have twisted it the wrong way or slept in the wrong position but that does not lead to arthritis and the pain will disappear within couple of days.

The symptoms of neck arthritis are as follows; you may experience noisy joints such as, when you move your head you will feel a grating, as the bones rub against each other. Stiffness of the neck is another common symptom that can be worse after a night’s rest and/or after you have been in a particular position for a while. A person suffering from neck arthritis may also experience blackouts or dizziness, as the bones in your neck may pinch the vertebral artery and cut supply of blood to the brain temporarily.

Neck spasms known as torticollis can be another symptom of neck arthritis and this unpleasant condition, which will force you to keep your head turned to one side can last anywhere from couple of hours to couple of weeks.

Treatment For Neck Arthritis

Neck arthritis will leave you in great deal of pain and to get relief there are a number of treatments that have provided results in the past. Messaging the affected area with arthritis cream can provide relief and help you get back to your normal self and use your neck as usually. Neck collars are available to help you keep your neck in a certain position and thus, not cause the pinching of the nerves, which can lead to blackouts.

Injections are another remedy to provide relief and on rare occasions surgery may be the only answer in order to release the nerve that is being pinched and which causes you pain and suffering.

Other Remedies For Neck Arthritis

There are also pain killers available that can be bought over the counter and for those who need more powerful drugs, the doctor can prescribe some but remember that traditional drugs will always have some side effect or the other. There are many natural remedies that you can try such as, acupuncture, herbal drugs and therapeutic massages.

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