Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is also known as Mastopexy. In Mastopexy, it is very effective to elevate and firm up the breasts by eliminating an excess amount of skin. By lessening the tissues, which are surrounding to the breast, this surgery provides new shape and support to the contour of the new breast.

Mostly, women’s breast looses its stiffness, firmness and body elasticity due to physical states like pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, gravity and heredity. They have to suffer from the enlarged size of breast which imbalance their vital statistics. Various procedures of breast surgery such as breast lift surgery, breast augmentation through breast implants, breast enlargement are instrumental to reshape the breast.

To get satisfactory results from this breast surgery, it is very essential for a patient to choose a surgeon who has at least 2 years experience in the plastic surgery. He or she has a sound knowledge of plastic surgery procedures of body organs like face, breast, body and reconstruction.

Before undergoing for such masteopexy, the patient has to go through some lab tasting and medications. The patient may have to take a baseline mammogram prior to surgery and after the surgery too, which assists to identify any upcoming modifications in tissues of the breast.

Before surgery, the surgeon advises patient to completely prohibit the smoking and keep away from intake of aspirin, herbal supplement and anti-inflammatory drugs, as it may enlarge a level of bleeding.

The mastopexy or breast surgery is performed throughout a several range of incision patterns and techniques. So the surgeon selects the suitable technique which is completely personalize relies on the size and shape of the patient’s breast, position and size of areolas, intensity of breast sagging, quality of the patient’s skin, elasticity and excess amount of skin which is being eliminated.

After examining patient through all these desirable techniques in this surgery, a surgeon goes through four crucial steps like Anesthesia, incisions, reshaping of the breasts and closing of the incisions. After performing surgery on the breast, the outcomes of the mastopexy are instantly visible. Eventually, post-surgical swelling will resolve and incision lines will lighten.

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