Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery assists to overcome excess amount of fats on the breast surface. It also assists to remove glandular tissue and skin to get a proper size of a breast that is in proportion to the body. Such breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty. Before undergoing the breast reduction procedure, it is important to discuss the why it is vital to undergo the breast reduction therapy and which surgeon should we consult.

It is important to undergo the breast reduction because that excess size of breasts causes limitations to physical activity. Due to excess weighty breast, the patient has to suffer from the neck, back and shoulder pain. To undergo the breast reduction, a female candidate should possess a healthy physique. She should not carry a habit of smoking.

Such kind of heavy, pendulous size of the breast is held up by the bra straps causes regular pockmarks on the skin. It also causes the irritation of the skin under the breast wrinkles. The excess size of the breast stretches the skin and becomes low. Because of the wide size of the breast, the nipples underneath of the breast become crease. Such stretched skin of the breast also causes the areolas, which are enlarged in size.

After facing such problems from enlarged size of the breast, it is very important to consult the right surgeon having relevant experience in the field of breast reduction therapy.

The breast surgeon should have minimum 5 years of experience in the surgical training and should possess at least 2 years of experience in the plastic surgery. He should have a sound knowledge of plastic surgery procedures of body organs like breast, face and skin.

Before undergoing actual breast reduction surgery, the surgeon interacts with patient about her current medical status. He goes through her current medical treatments, drug allergies, last surgeries, habit of intake of herbal supplements, vitamins. alcohol, tobacco and drugs. It is very crucial for the surgeon, to check whether the patient has any genetic problem of breast cancer and possesses any mammograms from last biopsies.

After going through such medical history of the patient, the surgeon takes appropriate measurements of the size, shape of the breast skin, placement of the areolas and nipples of the breast. The plastic breast surgeon also discusses the risk factors, technical complications and usage of anesthesia throughout breast reduction therapy.

Hence, before undergoing the actual breast reduction surgery, it is vital for surgeon to analysis and discuss above medical history of the patient and risk factors regarding the surgery. It will really give actual status of patient’s enlarged breast, the patient’s endurance and resistance to the surgery.

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