Arthritis Remedies Are Not Always Effective

Many people suffer greatly from arthritis, and the arthritis remedies available do not always help these people. There is one form of arthritis that affects people as young as thirty, but most people who suffer from arthritis are older. Some people suffer from arthritis in only one location, and these people do not suffer as much as people who suffer from arthritis in several locations. The people who have arthritis in more than one location have a difficult time finding arthritis remedies to help them. People live longer now, and this means that more people develop arthritis in their later years.

The arthritis remedies available begin with simple aspirin or other over the counter painkillers. Some people can take normal painkillers that alleviate their pain. These people are very lucky unless the arthritis appears in other locations. There was a drug therapy on the market that provided comfort to many of the people who suffered from arthritis in multiple locations. These drugs unfortunately had very serious side effects including heart attacks and strokes. Some people filed suit in court because of these drugs. These arthritis remedies were taken off the market because of the side effects.

Natural and Synthetic Arthritis Remedies Help Some People

The people who used the arthritis remedies that have been taken off the market miss these drugs because they were effective for the pain. These people have had to find alternative arthritis remedies for their pain. Some people take more of the over the counter painkillers to help them through the day. Other people turn to prescriptions for stronger painkillers by getting prescriptions from their doctors. These arthritis remedies are usually effective for many people. Other people look to cortisone shots as arthritis remedies.

Natural arthritis remedies have appeared on the market that have provided patients with some relief. Glucosamine is a natural substance that has appeared to help people to some extent. Ginger added to food in significant amounts is supposed to help those with arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids that are present in some fish including salmon are supposed to help with the joint pain that bothers so many people. Some of these arthritis remedies seem to work although others do not seem to have any effect on the pain. Each patient should take time to consult with their doctors about the available remedies. The pain can be very debilitating, but there are many options for exploration in case of unbearable pain.

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