Arthritis Medication Can Make A Lot Of Difference

In most cases the pain caused by arthritis can be quite intolerable. While this disease might not have a total cure, there are lots of arthritis medications that can alleviate the pain to a tolerable level.

Consult Your Doctor For The Right Mix Of Arthritis Medications

The following lines will take you through a brief on the most common types of arthritis medication. This information is very basic, and it is not advisable that you should self-medicate yourself based on it. Do consult the doctor for the correct treatment.

1. NSAIDs as they are commonly called are basically analgesics. The expanded form of this acronym is Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs. These are arthritis medication that you normally obtain over the counter for fever, pain and inflammations. This is the most common arthritis medication taken by people, for the very reason that it is available easily and does not necessitate a doctor’s prescription. Be aware though, that continuous use of such drugs can be harmful in the long run.

2. Corticosteroids are (as the name indicates) steroids that prevent and digress inflammation. However, these need to be taken with great care because (i) they are addictive, and (ii) they cannot and should not stopped suddenly. When you are taking these drugs you should be careful that you maintain a very regular schedule as well.

3. Biological Response Modifiers (BMR) – these are lab created compounds that work by cutting off the formation of cytokines of the immune system. The cytokines are the elements responsible for the translating the arthritis into the pain response in the body. The BMRs are capable to prevent and alleviate inflammation and pain to a very large extent.

4. DMARD or Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs are mostly what the doctor prescribes for patients suffering from arthritic pain. This arthritis medication also works by interfering with the immune system of the body through slowing down its response to the disease. Normally, this is the ultimate arthritis medication, which is used when all other methods and drugs have failed to control the pain and inflammation.

The best judge for what would be the best option for you would be your doctor. Hence, timely and regular consultation with your medical practitioner would help in identifying the best way to relieve your pain. Side-by-side with the arthritis medications you might like to check out some of the natural/alternative medication, which sometimes can prove quite effective.

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